Sunday, January 10, 2010

38 weeks down, 2 to go!!

Well, here we are at 38 weeks which makes it only 2 weeks until our due date. Although...I'm not getting tooooo hung-up on the due date countdown, because I have definitely realized that it's only a guestimate. I've got a girlfriend that I used to work with who is currently working on being 10 days overdue, and lots of girls in my pregnancy group are delivering early. I would love, love, love to deliver on our due date as it's been a date I've been looking forward to since I found out I was pregnant in May, however, my prediction is now changing from delivering right on my due date to 4-5 days overdue. I really want a January baby and hope I don't go into February...but only God and this baby know when it will be ready to come into the world.

I have kept a daily journal going on my 3rd year now and I was looking back at last year's entry for January 24th, and I wrote ''Well, today I took my last birth control pill so we can stop not trying...'' Isn't that freaky!! That one year later it's my due date! I told Jay of this coincidence and he replied: ''Well, I guess we can tell people just stop taking birth control and one year later you'll have a baby!'' Anywho, here's today's pictures:

I took this picture myself!

38 weeks from the side...

And the front!
I notice a definite change from 2 weeks ago! Still sleeping good with 3 hour intervals at night...and then a bathroom break. I think it's God's way of preparing me for nighttime feedings.


  1. Oh Sarah, I'm getting so excited for you! We were looking at the mat charts tonight and we were wondering where yours was. We were all" Isn't Sarah due right away" So needless to say we're all counting down the days and can't wait to meet this beautiful baby of yours. :)

  2. Aww thanks! Laura brought home for me the pre-admission sheet so I know my chart is there somewhere as my snoopy (yet caring and thoughtful!) sister-in-law has been looking out for me. You have permission to "touch" and look at my chart before, on, and after the 24th! Looking very forward to this myself!!

  3. I am so excited for you! I delivered Lexi at 39 weeks... hope the same for you. Going over isn't much fun from what I hear.


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