Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lots of News!

Nope, no baby yet...sorry to tease! What a fabulous day, it's been a great week so far!! We dropped Jay's parent's off at the airport this morning as they're on the way to Maui for 3 weeks. It was really weird to think that the next time we see them we will be parents and get to introduce them to their new grandbaby! At least I'm really hoping that I will deliver before February 3rd when they get back! So while we were in the city I pleaded to my husband "could we please, please, PLEASE just go see a movie instead of running around doing house stuff!?!?" He agreed, so the movie we chose, which could very well be the last movie for awhile, was New Moon.

I read the book and I thought the movie was a good representation of the book. I'm not a Twilight freak or fanatic, but I do enjoy the books and have liked both of the movies. Jay thought that it was slow at times, but he thought that about Twilight too. Nonetheless I was happy to not have to go talk to people about quotes on the house...

Speaking of the house, this is how it looks as of today!

A beautiful sky on a beautiful +12 January day.
The framers have worked for 3 whole days in a row!! Yowzah! All the framing, that I can tell, is done now except for the roof. If all goes well and the weather (including the wind) holds up, we will have the crane out on Thursday and our roof will be done! I can't believe how much of the snow is gone now with 4 days of Chinook winds. Now it's just a mucky, muddy, mess.
We have also gotten some wonderful surprises in the last few days which has been a nice relief. Way back when we initially contacted the "power people" as I'll refer to them to come and give us our new electrical service, they quoted us zero dollars as they would just bring it up from Zak's farm which is south of where we're building. Later on, they said it wasn't possible to do that and we would have to pay $15 000 for new service brought up from the main road. So with a lot of confusion and belly aching, we just paid it because....well....we needed power and they're the only ones that can provide a new service! BUT, when they actually did the construction for the new service, they brought it up from Zak's farm anyway. After more confusion and belly aching nothing was done and we were pretty much told "whatever". Well...this last week we got a rebate cheque in the mail from the "power people" for $13 800!!! Finally some good news with money! We also got a cheque from the company we bought our home through today for our referral to Laura & Craig. Another big surprise!

Just thought I'd add a picture of Jay skijoring with Kihei. We found some used cross country skis on Kijiji (I can't remember if I mentioned that before...) and he's really enjoyed taking her out. It takes her awhile to get motivated, but Jay said she's really catching on and probably pulls him about 20-30%!

Just on a side note...we went grocery shopping today and as we got home and I was pouring a glass of milk at supper, I looked at Jay and said, "wow! This milk expires after our baby's due date!" We both figured that was a sure sign that we are getting closer! That and this baby is hiccuping (practicing breathing!) and moving around like crazy. I'm getting contractions more often, but they are still Braxton-Hicks and not painful at all. Keep us in your thoughts!

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  1. Lots of good, exciting things going on in your life!! Can't WAIT to meet the little one!


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