Sunday, January 17, 2010

39 weeks down, 1 to go!

Well, we're almost done! I can say officially that we will meet our baby for sure in the next 2 weeks! I am getting some pressure from both ends of the spectrum to have this baby ASAP and to have the baby ALAP (as late as possible!) Honestly, I'm quite content to wait for whenever baby wants to come and meet us. I know it won't be later than January 31st and it could be as soon as I'm done finishing this post. Don't get me wrong, I would love to meet this little one sooner rather than later as I already stated in a post earlier this week, but baby will know when the time is right.
Jay asked me tonight if I was scared of labour, and I thought it was really sweet of him to care enough to ask. I told him that I'm not scared of the pain...but I have a "fear of the unknown". What will it really be like? When will it start? How will I know it is real? How long will it take? Only time will tell. I think we'll make a really good team together and do well!

We didn't do much at all today. Went to church this morning, came home and took the dogs for a walk, and just bummed around for the rest of the day. I'm really enjoying having Jay around, we are so blessed, I can't even wrap my mind around it. It was a big wake-up call in church this morning. We had a really long prayer session for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, and it really humbled me about complaining at how slow my house is being built, among all the other things we have in our life. We are so blessed to be living in such a wonderful country and to have the opportunities that we do, to even be able to be even building our dream home.

I felt like there was something we could be or should be doing to help the people of Haiti, and prayer is absolutely essential, but we also decided to make a donation to World Relief Canada directly for the earthquake relief.