Sunday, January 24, 2010

40 Weeks, We're Due!

So here we are, the long awaited date of January 24, 2010 our due date! But, so...okay...where's our baby!? Doesn't s/he know that today is the day? I mean, I've been counting down to this exact day for literally 36 weeks, or 9 months, ever since I found out I was pregnant in May! Does this day not mean anything now!? Hehe...I guess that's why they call it an "estimated" date of confinement! Actually, the odds are with me. Less than 5% of women actually deliver on their due date and anywhere from 70-90%, depending on where you read, say that women deliver past their dates, hence...go overdue!

Sorry to say that Natalie, Uncle Steve, and Carley were all wrong about yesterday as the birthday! I wish that they were right, but I've had no labour sings or symptoms whatsoever. Only painless Braxton-Hicks contractions...that's it. The baby hasn't dropped still, although I know that it doesn't have to drop in order for labour to start. However, at this rate 7 more people will be out of the pool because I just can't see it happening tomorrow either! I hope I'm wrong though. Quite frankly, we've had some icky weather here the last few days and Jay and I are getting bored and looking for something to do! I think Jay is quite sick of having an overheated, pregnant wife that keeps this old, drafty farm house with no insulation at a cool 60 F...and would welcome going into labour at anytime now.

40 weeks from the side!

40 weeks from the front!

So we've been watching a LOT of movies lately, I've baked banana bread and some chocolate chip cookies. Cleaning is all up to snuff, laundry is done, I repacked my hospital bag and the diaper bag...which was a good thing because I over did it and packed wayyyyy too much the first attempt! I've really been enjoying reading a non-pregnancy, non-baby book and getting some scrapbooking done. Now we just keep waiting!
Here is the pièce de résistance, all this hard work I've been doing the last 40 weeks growing this little miracle in my tummy!!
Wow! Look at how that bump grew...and how I lost my tan...and how my hair changed so much! All in all, this has been in God's hands since before we even knew it, so I just have to be patient and have faith that it will all work out the way it's intended to. I'm just so blessed to have carried a baby to a healthy full term and any extra days are just bonus time for growth and moments that I get to spend feeling this little one wiggle and squirm with me. Especially having a scare at 27 weeks, I feel so fortunate to have come this what's a few extra days or a week? (Just be sure to keep reminding me of that!)

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  1. Hang in there Sarah! My guess on your new arrival is wrong!! too bad!! I love the pictures of the stages of your pregnancy, thats a great idea!! Take care


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