Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...

Still not feeling too anxious or anything...but that's what my life feels like right now. A big ol' waiting game! I think I was more on edge when I was 37 weeks to be honest. It hit me as the books were saying: "you are full term, expect your baby anytime now!" So I was constantly wondering when it was going to happen! It was more kind of a fear of the unknown that it could happen at anytime...but now that my due date is fast approaching, I've moreso "accepted" that it's supposed to happen any day now! Before it would have been quite a surprise to deliver early, but now that it's expected of me to deliver soon, it feels like a big wait!

I am feeling really good still, I've noticed my hips feel more loosey-goosey at night, but then in the morning after a good sleep they are fine again. I am very excited for my appointment tomorrow to see if anything is actually going on...or if he thinks we'll need to schedule an induction. I really don't want to go down the induction route, so send your prayers that this will happen naturally for us!

I have absolutely LOVED checking the baby pool, so thanks for participating, and if you haven't - go do it now! There's a link, right over there ------->! Here's some stats from your guessing that have caught my eye:
  • NO ONE has picked my due date as the birthday
  • Only 3 people have picked a date before my due date
  • An overwhelming 79% of you think we are having a boy
  • 2 people have guessed I'll have a February baby
  • The majority pick Janaury 28 as the birthday, which is coincidentally my brother's birthday!
  • Smallest baby weight is from Jess at 6 lbs 7 oz and the biggest is from Uncle Steve at 8 lbs 11 oz! (I hope Jess is right!)
Thanks again for playing, the winner will be announced when we get home from the hospital. All I have to do is plunk in our baby's stats and there are penalty points for how much you are off by time, weight, length, etc. I'm getting a lot of the "any baby news?" questions now, and trust me...I'll let you know when something has happened.

We had a really frosty night and it was foggy today, so the framers did as much as they could, but then had to leave and couldn't do the sheeting on the roof because it was too frosty. Hopefully it's sunny tomorrow and some of the frost can melt so they can just get it done. Nothing else really happening around here...