Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Could've Been in Maui...

...but here we are 10 days away from our due date, and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else! Laura, Joy, and their families left for Maui today to join their parents. We were invited and had every intentions of joining them on this vacation, but all that changed in May! The way I see it, is that Maui will always be there and I am wayyyyyy to excited to be having our baby then to get sulky over not going. Plus, I've got vanilla macadamia nut Kona coffee and Pay Days being brought back for me anyway!! So instead of going to Maui, we've watched Blue Crush and 50 First Dates so we can have some Hawaiian scenery...and we had Hawaiian pizza tonight...I bet that counts for something. Plus, I think I'll take a bubble bath with my new plumeria (Hawaiian flower) bubble bath from Bath & Body Works!

Laura, Craig, Jay, and skinny me in Maui 2 years ago.
So as I mentioned we're on the 10 day countdown! I had another appointment today and all is still well. Baby remains head down and better be a good baby and stay that way! I asked Dr. Maseka if I ended up going overdue how long he would let me. He said it's safe to go over 10 days, but he doesn't like to go past 1 week which would be January 31st. So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers because I do not want a medical induction!

I am also officially on maternity leave! I worked my last shift last evening and it was a really nice shift. It definitely wasn't as crazy as it was my previous shift, it was much slower but still steady. I've heard lots of stories about nurses who work their last shift and then go right into labour, but I guess that won't be how my story goes!

We plan on going to the HomExpo tomorrow in the city and do more house stuff...but after that, I have absolutely NOTHING on my schedule until Friday which is my next (and hopefully last) prenatal appointment. It's really, really weird for me not to have a schedule and it was also really hard not to look at the schedule at work yesterday to pick up shifts! But, honestly I'm so glad and eager with anticipation to see what happens next...