Sunday, February 28, 2010

Braden is 1 Month Old!

Our little boy is 1 month old today! I just can't believe how time has flown by! Either tomorrow of Tuesday I am going in to Strathmore and I'll stop by public health and have him weighed. I am guessing that he is in the 10 pound range right now. Just look how much he's grown since 1 week...

Jay said that either Braden is growing or that giraffe is shrinking! Braden fits just right under it's chin now. He sure doesn't have that newborn look anymore. Sometimes I'll look at him and he looks so tiny still, but other times, especially when he's stretched out playing on the floor, he looks so huge! He's starting to coo now a bit and is giving more smiles...but I'm not convinced that they are on purpose quite yet. I cannot even express how much I love my little boy. He's still such a content little guy. He can entertain himself on the floor, chill out on the swing, and even settle himself to sleep. I just put him down not too long ago, he wasn't quite asleep when I went to check on him, but now he is. He just melts my heart!

Braden on his 1 month birthday.

We had some very special visitors this weekend, and we're proud to announce that they gladly accepted to be Braden's godparents!! Steve and Natalie came on Saturday morning and left today. We are also happy to say congratulations as they are going to provide a playmate for Braden in September -yay!!! Braden is so lucky to have these two amazing people in his life, they just love him to bits and we're so blessed to have them as friends!