Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rockabye Baby

As I have mentioned before, I've been apart of an online pregnancy support group ever since I found out I was pregnant last May, actually....even before I was pregnant! Now that we are all new mommies, it's nice to continue to chat with these girls and ask for their advice and opinions. Well, one of them mentioned Rockabye Baby! and I'm so glad she did! They are renditions of various rock group's songs turned into lullabies for baby! I was extremely excited to learned that there were two Beatles CD's, as I am my father's daughter and I love The Beatles! Now Braden can listen to "baby Beatles"! There are also CD's for Metallica, Led Zepplin, No Doubt, Green Day, Coldplay, and many others! I've downloaded songs onto my iPod and I can play them for Braden by hooking up my iPod to his swing! Jay says I'm a pretty cool mom, and we are both enjoying listening to new lullabies, not just the ones that come with the swing. Baby Mozart, Baby Beethoven...pfffffft - eat your heart out!

Braden having a nap this morning listening to "Yesterday" by The Beatles in a lullaby rendition.

I had to call my dad right away when I found out about this and played "Yesterday" for him, as it's one of his favorite songs.


  1. That's awesome! Those other songs were already starting to get "old"!

  2. I'd get motion sick in that swing thing!!!

  3. Ummmm Sarah... it's "The Long and Winding Road". How could you forget??!!

    Lisa I wouldn't last 3 seconds in that swing, even though it looks as cozy as can be!

  4. Hi Jay,

    Braden was watching the Oilers game on HDTV, thats why hes looking away from me ... How do you think Taylor Hall will look in Copper and Blue ... hope the Flames make the playoffs,



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