Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Diaper Dilemma

So before Braden was born I didn't know that Pampers Swaddlers had different sizes. I assumed Swaddlers were for newborns. Well, I accidentally bought size 1 and he wore them for the first few days no problem. Then Mom did a Walmart run for me and brought me back the actual newborn size Swaddlers. They fit him much, much better...BUT this last week he started reeeeeally leaking through them and it was waking him up early in the night and causing many a wardrobe change! So I switched him back to the size 1's and low and behold...because they were bigger he started leaking through the odd one of those if I wasn't extra careful in making sure they were on snug enough. I asked Lindsay what she thought about all of this and she said she never had a problem with Pampers Baby Dry diapers. So I decided to buy some size 1 of that brand and I use them at night and have had good success with those...but the odd one of those he'll leak through! Maybe it's because he's a boy? Who knows...hopefully we figure this out soon enough...although he is tolerating being naked a lot better than he used to and isn't screaming through hardly any of his diaper changes - woohoo!
Just thought I post a rant on diapers...any comments or advice would be very welcome! It seems he's in between sizes...but there is no size in between newborns and size 1! Newborns are getting tight and he wets them almost instantaneously, but size 1's are still pretty bulky. He needs to put on a few pounds before I can cloth diaper him!


  1. Double diaper him at night, or put rubber pants over his diaper so he doesn't get his clothes all wet.


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