Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We've Been Out and About!

Braden - 11 Days Old
Firstly, I've been aching to blog for days now! But our internet was down for a day and a half and then I've been out and too busy...then yesterday when I finally had time to blog, the silly thing wouldn't let me upload pictures...what's a blog without pictures?

So Braden has his first outing on Sunday to church in Rosebud. He was a hit and he did so well! He slept through all the singing as I bounced him in my arms, then he got his "hurry up and feed me or I'll scream!" look on his face, so I whisked him back to the nursery and fed him for the whole sermon, then as if he knew, he was all done and let mommy go meet up with daddy so we could go eat lunch, as it was Soup Sunday! Yummy!

Then on Monday Jay had a dentist appointment in Calgary, so I got dropped off at Lindsay's house and visited with her and Kennedy for a few hours. It was so nice to get out of the house...I was ready to start going crazy for sure!! But it did take it's toll on us, I never realized how tiring it could be to be out and about with him!

Kennedy, Lindsay, & Braden
Front of the House

Braden is 2 weeks old today! I think he's really filling out a lot and I'm excited to see how much weight he's gained at his appointment tomorrow afternoon. He's still a very content and happy baby, it doesn't take too much to please him! He's been doing really awesome with his night sleeps. The last 2 nights he's slept at 3 hour spurts all night which has been much appreciated by his mommy. BUT...the pattern has been 2 nights of sleeping really well...and then 1 night of cluster feeding (sleep an hour, feed an hour...). So tonight, if the pattern follows, will be our cluster feeding night. I hope it was a fluke and that this doesn't follow, but I'm having an extra nap today just in case!

In house's shingled! YAY! Those guys only took 2 days to get their stuff done! Also, all the windowns/sliding glass doors are in now except for the walkout because the cement has still not been poured in our basement...STILL.
I'll leave you with some pics I've taken of Braden this last week!

Let's Go Visit Daddy!

Braden & Daddy

Braden & Mommy


  1. I am so happy you are doing so well!! He's adorable. I love seeing the pics. Your house is looking amazing! How exciting!!!! I think he looks JUST like you. I see Jay too, but he's definitely a mama's boy!

  2. I can't wait to see him tomorrow!!!


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