Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go Canada Go!!!

What a game!! It's only halfway through the Canada/Russia game when I'm writing this and I never would have anticipated Canada would be leading 7-2!! We've had Olympic fever in this house ever since it's like the 24 hour Olympic network in our house. I know Braden can't actually see what he's looking at, but every time we put him on his play mat on the floor he looks up at the TV, so we say that he likes to watch the Olympics too.
I enjoyed taking these pictures of him today so he can look back at his first Olympic experience. All the Olympic gear was provided by my mom (of course!) so thanks very much, doesn't he look cute?! I took a picture of Kihei as she was very interested in Braden's Quatchie, or as Jay calls him, Squitchie, and then Kihei gave Braden a nice kiss.
Kihei has been a home body more than ever lately, and believe you me - we aren't complaining. Every night when she has her free time, she's been coming to the back door on her own and asking to come in which is such a relief. Often during the day I'll look out and find her sleeping somewhere in the yard.

Well, that's about all I've got to say for today, I just wanted to share our Olympic pride pictures! And of course...


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