Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

So I put Braden down for the night at 11PM (he's turning into such a SCHULTZ!! hehe) and he kinda was unsettled for about 20 minutes so I thought he needed another snuggle and then he was completely out and sleeping by 11:30. I think I woke up at about 2AM and heard him squeaking a bit (he does this often during his sleeps), but it obviously wasn't the real thing...because the real thing happened at 4AM! WOW BUDDY!!! Had another 4.5 hour sleep...and I would almost be tempted to call it 5 because he was put down at 11PM and probably would have settled on his own anyway.

But here's the sweet thing...

When I went to go get my handsome little man...he wasn't exactly having a fit or crying up a storm, instead he was kinda fussing and squeaky but settled in a way. Well, this was because when I went to pick him up he was sucking his thumb!! I am not cruel enough to wake up my baby with the flash of a camera at 4AM, but at the same time I wish I could have had a picture. I guess I will always have that mental image. It was just the sweetest thing!

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  1. Awwwww he is the sweetest baby in the world!!


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