Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

Braden had his newborn photo shoot yesterday and it's a good thing his Grandma and I have been practicing on him, poor little guy had that camera flash in his eyes so many times yesterday I think he might be getting used to it! The same photographer, Katherine Winkler from Sweet Treat Photography who did my maternity pictures, came to our house and set up shop. It was quite stressful for all involved...poor Braden hates being naked as it is, so we only did the first few pics of him in his birthday suit, and the rest he had a diaper on but we kept him warm with the space heater and a warmed up wheat bag. I hope she got some great shots, I can't wait to see them!

I took some of my own today too since Braden was already "in the mood".... hehe

Learning to enjoy tummy time.
My little charmer and his pudgy hand!
Things have been going well for us sans Grandma, other than we miss her! I'm even getting laundry done, cooking meals (with the help from Jay shall Braden require his meal in the middle of preparation!), and obviously finding time to update Facebook and to Blog. Braden's on a roll tonight! I'm so proud of him, he gave Mommy two 3 hour naps in a row!! We had a bit of a rough night the night before, he only slept 1 - 1.5 hours at a time and wanted to eat, eat, eat! But I really can't complain too much because he's not a fussy baby at all. We are both so in love with him and I enjoy watching him grow everyday. It's an exciting day for me today, because I get to LEAVE MY HOUSE!!! We are going to venture to church this morning for the first time and then tomorrow morning Jay has a dentist appointment so he's going to drop me off at Lindsay's house so we can visit with her and Kennedy while Jay is in the city. I'm looking so forward to both things. I've had a bit of nervousness about heading out of the safety of our own home, but I know we'll be just fine and I think I might go crazy if I stay here much longer!

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  1. You two will be absolutely fine on your little treks out! He's such a good little guy, as long as you can feed him, he's pretty happy!! Did you check out his nursery at Grandma's house?


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