Monday, March 8, 2010

Honest to Blog!

Wow, I don't think it's been this long between posts since Braden was born. I've been either too tired or too busy to post, so this will be a humdinger of a post! I last posted that Braden had had the best night of sleep and then had a not-so-great night...well that continued for another two nights, hence me being so tired. He just wanted to eat and sleep wasn't really topping his priority list. Jay was gone overnight on Thursday to Lethbridge for a farm show, and I had finally melted down. Lack of sleep and I do not get along, never have, so not getting more than 2 hours sleep in a row for over 72 hours finally hit me and the tears were flowing! What a horrible time for Jay to be away, but through all of it Braden always had a smile on his face and was still as content as can be. Thankfully my Mom was on her way down to the farm for the weekend so she got here on Friday afternoon. I have been hesitant, but wanting to try Braden on a bottle just so that one day I could have some freedom to go and get my hair done or go out for dinner with Jay or something. I ended up pumping and Mom gave Braden his first bottle successfully! He ate 3 oz no questions asked! I was very happy because he's never even had a pacifier yet, let alone milk from a bottle! It's just nice to know that I can have some freedom once in awhile, and I'll continue to give Braden a bottle once or twice a week so he'll get used to it.

And on the 4th night...he slept! He was finally back to his old self (as much as a 5 week old can be!) and slept a 4 hour stretch and has done this consistently since. It has much improved my sanity and overall well-being. One of the girls on my message board suggested Braden might need a pacifier just because he wants to suck. It made a lot of sense, especially the last night he was up so much because I'd go to feed him and within a few minutes he was back asleep and hadn't eaten anything at all! As a nurse I know to make sure breastfeeding is well established before introducing a pacifier, I wanted to hold off altogether if I could, but 5 weeks of really good breastfeeding with Braden and I gave it a try. He only takes it if he reeeeeeeeeally wants it, which is fine by me!

Braden had his first baby shower on Saturday in Rosebud. It was a lot of fun and he was wonderful! He slept the whole time and boy did we ever get a lot of gifts! Lots of cute clothes, books, and some wonderful nursery decor from Auntie Laura!

Grandma and Braden in matching froggy green!

Beautiful handmade quilt from Auntie Deah.


  1. That quilt is awesome!!

  2. I think he got the best of both of your looks, what a lucky young guy .... miss you guys, hope too see you soon,


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