Sunday, March 21, 2010

Growing, Growing, Growing...

I could have cried yesterday as I packed up all of Braden's newborn sized clothing! A whole bin of them, not one item fits. He's very long in the body, but has short legs (for now!). I just can't believe our little baby is growing so fast. I held up his coming home outfit yesterday, which was actually preemie sized, and even though it was just 7 weeks ago, I can't believe he was that small! I don't understand how he can be growing so fast right in front of our eyes. He's sure smiling consistently and getting the hang of cooing. He has also slept the last 5 nights at least 5.5 hours and the last 3 of those nights were at least 6 hours! It's sure been wonderful for me to have longer stretches of sleep, but I'm still tired. I think having these longer stretches just makes me want to sleep even more! I think once he's coordinated enough to find his thumb on his own (every time) we'll have it made! The last 2 nights he's fussed enough for me to wake up at the 4 hour mark and he's just looking for his thumb. I go into his room, help him out, and go back to bed for another 2 hours. Then the little guy wants to be awake after this long stretch of sleep, so that's why I'm up at 5 AM today! He'll eat and go back to bed for hopefully another few hours before church. Putting him to bed later has definitely helped out this situation.

Yesterday I took Braden and Kihei to Drumheller and we did a Walmart run and I also stopped by the flooring store to pick up the tile samples we chose for our kitchen and bathrooms and also to pick out our shower tiles. I really wish this house was moving along faster, I'd love to be in by the time Braden is 6 months old (end of July) but I highly doubt that will happen.

Joy & Danika come home tomorrow and I'm so excited to see them. I have my third and final baby shower from the girls at work (Strathmore) on Wednesday and that's how the week is playing out. I decided to pretty much stay at home, free of company, this last week and I really needed it. We've loved having people come to meet Braden and going to Edmonton twice to visit, but it was really wearing me out and I needed a break. Did you know that I have made over 50 thank you cards for gifts that people have given Braden? Yikes! That's a lot of gifts. I also originally ordered 75 birth announcement cards and I only have 6 of those left and I've had to order more. He sure is one popular little man!

Here is a video of Braden's bath last night. He's really learning to kick!

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  1. So sweet! I can not WAIT to see him again!


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