Friday, March 19, 2010

Meeting Tessa

We finally connected with Robyn & Jamie and got to meet the newest addition to their family - Tessa Lynn. What a little cutie, and she sure looks like a little peanut next to my little monster! I mentioned to Zaks that the above picture might be in their high school grad slide show one day! Then I also mentioned that there would probably something far more advanced than a slide show by the time they graduate! But aren't they adorable?! Robyn said that Tessa is a really good baby and she's sleeping well already. Katie is a very proud big sister!

Proud papas and their babies.

Braden has been sleeping fabulously! I sure hope this good cycle continues and that we are done the majority of the growing for now! He has had two nights of sleeping 5.5 hours and last night he slept for 6 hours! I know enough not to hold my breath, but it sure would be nice if he kept this up.

In other news, Kihei has been running away again, so we've been keeping her on-leash more often now. The bad news is that she's been doing it by herself! Last week she ran into town twice and has also run over to see Jay at the house site and also has visited Zak's farm. Yikes. The drama of owning a husky never ends! She's been really enjoying this spring weather and is a mess! She has been hunting gophers and been digging into their holes.

Not much is going on with the house. We are STILL waiting for the siding to be done, and then Jay can get the insulation going and then the drywall. I really, really am sick of waiting on other people to get the job done, I will be SO happy when our contract with JayWest construction is finished and we can handle everything else on our own. One piece of good news is that Jay found a guy to frame our basement and I'm so happy that we will be getting that done. We will not finish the basement right away, pending our budget, but I'm glad that the base of it will be done.

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  1. You must be starting to feel near human with him sleeping 6 hours!! Baby Tessa is absolutely gorgeous!!


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