Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things I Didn't Know About Having a Newborn

1 Month Old with Mommy
I think Braden is growing again! Well, I know it, actually. Laura and I took the (little) boys into Strathmore yesterday and we stopped by public health and got them weighed. Here are Braden's 1 month stats:

Weight: 10 lbs 14 oz
Length: 22 inches
Head: 39 cm

Luke is about 20 months old and he weighs 31 lbs. Braden had the best night he's ever had on Tuesday night. He slept 4 hours, fed, and then 4 hours 45 minutes! Then last night he only slept 3 hours and then 2 hours...1 hour...1 hour. He's been eating, eating, eating, again and he seems kind of uncomfortable. Not fussing or irritable, just uncomfortable, so I think he's having another growth spurt. The cloth diapering is going really well! I am not using them at night yet, because until last night he had been sleeping so well I didn't want to risk changing a variable!

So anyways, back to the title of this blog. The website with message boards and my pregnancy/new mommies support group has a great topic started that I thought I would share.

Things I Didn't Know About Having a Newborn
  1. That you should have been doing weight training to prepare for all the lifting and carrying.
  2. What a beautiful and celebrated thing a burp is.
  3. Just exactly how much and how fast newborns can accumulate loads of laundry!
  4. One burp cloth is never enough.
  5. Having to cut off a onesie because there is too much poop on it to pull it over baby's head.
  6. How funny baby farts are.
  7. How much poop a small baby can hold.
  8. That a baby can poop, not only up the back of the diaper, but out the sides, and up the front too!
  9. That I could survive on so little sleep.
  10. How I immediately could not imagine life without my newborn.
  11. Somehow, baby boys figure out how to pee on the back of their heads.
  12. That you may not get your teeth brushed until lunchtime...or later.
  13. That you may cry right along with your little on in the middle of the night when nothing will console them. (Luckily this hasn't happened for us, but I've come close!)
  14. What about how everyone always says, "Sleep when the baby sleeps"? Sh'yeah, right! Like there's not a million other things to do!
  15. That showers would seem like a luxury vacation.
  16. Most baby socks are made for Oompa Loompas with really fat feet/ankles. A normal baby can kick off a newborn sock in 10 seconds.
  17. The cuter the outfit or the more snaps and buttons on it has an eerie correlation to the extra amount of pee or explosive poo for the day.
  18. That going to the grocery store alone becomes an exotic, exciting trip out.
  19. I never knew was how helpful it is to have people bring you food after you get home from the hospital. We NEVER did that for anyone we knew who had a baby, but you can bet we will now.
  20. Baby acne can happen, but it WILL go away!
Hope you enjoy!


  1. ah number 18 is so very very true. even still - almost 2 years later - going grocery shopping by myself, or even just running into a store with both arms free is a total novelty.

  2. Hey Sarah. We met on FF. You told me about this site and your little one is SO cute :) our blog is if you want to see our ultra sound from yesterday :)


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