Monday, March 1, 2010

Time for FuzziBunz

Today was the day I busted out the FuzziBunz. The "what"?!? You ask? FuzziBunz! They are a brand of cloth diapers that I have bought for Braden. I decided that I was going to cloth diaper as soon as I got pregnant, especially living on the farm. When I lived in the city in my condo, I threw everything and anything into the dumpster in the parking lot. I didn't have to think about it after that. But, ever since we moved to the farm, I've definitely turned more "green" as they say. Living on the farm, we either have to burn, recycle, or take our trash to the dump. I'm not judging what other people do, but seeing my sisters-in-law take heaps and heaps of garbage bags full of diapers to the dump made me realize what a waste disposable diapers are. I guess I just didn't really realize that before. You can't burn them, so you physically have to take them to the dump yourself, and that was a big wake up call for me. I recycle everything here, so deciding to cloth diaper was a no brainer for me. Laura cloth diapered Luke for awhile, so I asked her what brand was her favorite, and she recommended FuzziBunz. Even though size small says 7 - 15 lbs and Braden was in the 7 lb range when he was born...there was just no way his little buns were fitting in there! Plus, being a new mommy and getting used to all that and trying to tackle all the laundry that cloth diapering thanks! But, today was the day I decided to at least try them out on him. He's 1 month now, I'm not sure how much he weighs....I'm going to take him tomorrow to find out, but I figured it wouldn't to try the cloth diapers out. They sure are bulky, but man do they absorb a lot! The first one I put on him seemed to leave red pressure marks on his back and legs, so I loosened it the second time...but then it leaked out the front. Guess I have to find my happy medium! I will still use disposables when we travel, it makes sense for laundry and ease of things, but I'm excited to start clothing him. Here's Braden's FuzziBunz photo shoot...

The little husky that I bought for Braden before he was born.

I also have to brag (soooo wish I had a picture!) that Braden smiled at me for the first time today - on purpose!! Eye contact and everything! I know it wasn't gas too because he always grunts and turns red when he has gas. He's also squakin' a lot more too!


  1. so cute in those fuzzibunz!!! i hope you enjoy clothdiapering as much as i did! i'm already building up my 'small' stash for the next one. (no i'm not pregnant!)

  2. I am glad to hear that you like them, I know cloth diapers have crossed my mind, for when I decide to have a little one.


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