Saturday, May 1, 2010

Braden Laughing!

Braden Laughing
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I finally found something that makes Braden laugh! Pardon my disgusting greasy hair....I wasn't planning on being in a movie today! ;) I hope this brightens your day, it sure has mine. Braden's still not sleeping well, and quite honestly I think it's ticking him off as much as it is me. I've done a bit of research (nurse brain) and have narrowed it down to the fact that he's going through so many developmental milestones at 3 months right now that it's throwing off his sleep. At least I know that he's capable of STTN and will look forward to when he does it again!

I decided to clean up my house and get out of it and go for a walk this morning to brighten my day, and it sure worked. This little sweetie laughing sure helped too. Deah is home from the hospital as of yesterday and I'm glad to see her, she's doing well. Joy is also back from Texas FOREVER!! Hooray...maybe now things can slowly start getting back to normal.


  1. Awww! I feel like absolute poopy today.. Thanks for brightening it up <3

  2. Nice Doo ! Do you want to bring him to Vegas in August, I think he would be hilarious on the roller coaster at New York New York !

  3. Also May 1st and I turned the calendar on my desk today that you guys gave me at Christmas, do you remember what May pic was ?

  4. Not a clue which picture. And I think I'll pass on the invite to Vegas. I'd melt and I don't like the look of a baby in a casino!

  5. NO babies in Vegas!! Grandpa go to your room!


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