Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Nice May Day!

Finally! A great day! Beautiful, sunny...happy day! Now if only I could have happy nights. Oi. But, this is a happy post, so enough about the crappy nights. I am so happy, I finally got to do this today:
I got to hang Braden's diapers out to dry on the clothes line! How cute are they!? I can't wait until he's big enough (okay, I can!) for his size medium FuzziBunz, they are even more cute! Kihei sought refuge in the shade of her igloo:
And even Miles decided to enjoy the nice day:
Jay and his dad are finally out in the field today spraying and will be out full-force tomorrow seeding. I'm glad the weather is supposed to be nice, because without Jay around it'll be nice to kill some time outside doing yard work and letting Braden enjoy the great outdoors! It's a good thing the weather is nice because Braden can finally wear the many rompers he has before he outgrows them! One more picture, it's absolutely hilarious:
Braden is getting so good at imitating our facial expressions and his father taught him this one. Amazing the things we will do to make him laugh! Hope you enjoy!


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