Monday, June 14, 2010

House Update

It has been awhile since my last house update, so here we go! The outside isn't changing too fast because of the slow-as-molasses-in-January siders...but the inside is just rolling along. All the drywall is now done inside (I need to take more pictures!) and about 2/3 of the mudding/taping is even done! Here is what the house looks like from the front, as of today:
And here is how the drywalling looked last week in the kitchen:
This is the kitchen almost completely done, last week...and not it is completely done and even mudded and taped! Jay and I took advantage of mom being here this weekend to babysit Braden and we both went over there for about 4 hours total cleaning up after EVERYONE ELSE'S mess! I should've taken before and after pictures, it was disgusting.
Here is the dining room/living room.
Arggghhh!!! This is the thing I am MOST disappointed with. This is the focal point of our house. Our fireplace. We are spending thousands of dollars on the stonework...and I hate it. It will be changed. I am so disappointed in the spacing! In the model of the showroom we picked the stone from...the stonework was placed very closely together you couldn't see any mortar. Also, they didn't even ask us how we wanted it done, they just started and randomly did it. Also, the mortar is a red/pink and we both hate it. We didn't want any mortar to show, but if it had to...we wanted grey/black. They will be fixing it, hopefully at not too big of a cost to us, since they were the ones to screw up. The siding, as I said, is slowly coming. Here's a pic of the east side of the house last took them a week and they have it finished now.
I might pop over to the house and take more pics keep checking back!


  1. I think you 2 are doing a great job choosing everything, as so far, it's looking great!! The only bad choice you've made is Coulter!! LMAO

  2. I like the colour of this a lot. It is wise of you to have the fireplace changed ASAP. It is more than likely that you will live in this home for well over 50 years.


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