Sunday, June 6, 2010

Night #4 of Sleep Training

Was the best night yet! Put him down the earliest that I ever have at 8PM. I hung a black sheet over his doorway (yes, my son doesn't have any doors in his room right now!) to make it extra dark, especially because the sun is still out at 10PM these days...and up at about 4:45AM (trust me, I know!). But he still cried out at around that 45 minute mark! At least he knows how to go back to sleep easily now...but man oh man, why that darn 45 minutes! Then before his dreamfeed at 11PM he started to fuss a bit. Only for a few minutes, then I went in and fed him and went to sleep. Then, right on cue, he woke up 1 minute before I set my alarm to dream feed him at 2:30. Only fussed for 7 minutes and then I went and fed him. Woke up shortly after 6:30, fussed for 6 minutes, then I fed him and he woke up shortly after 8, happy as can be!

So last night (with a bit of fussing before) he slept 6.5 hours, 4 hrs, 1.5 hours! I'm very happy with how things are going and I think in a little while he won't even make noise when he wakes up and he'll just settle himself. I sure feel more well rested, and tonight I extend his feeds to 4 hours. Thanks for following, I'll blog about our progress for one more night and then just give periodic updates!


  1. That's a HUGE improvement since last weekend! He was a TURKEY to put to bed (a cute one, mind you, but a turkey nontheless!)

  2. YEAH! I am SOOO happy for you! You will be a new woman with all that sleep! I read somewhere that at this age, babies start to have sleep cycles (newborns pretty much always deep sleep. That's why it's hard to wake them). The 30 to 45 minute mark is when their "light" sleep cycle ends and they either wake up or move into deep sleep. Liv does that too.


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