Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet Miss Sophia!

Oh I am in love all over again! My best friend in the whole wide world has such a beautiful, precious, little sweetheart! She's such a sweet pea! I'm so happy that I got to meet her, she was 8 days old when I met her on Saturday. Here's some pictures from when Braden and I met Sophia...
Wrapped in the blanket that Auntie Sarah gave her!
Natalie was absolutely GLOWING! She's such a proud and wonderful mama already!
The Happy Huskas!

It's such a blessing to have Sophia in our lives. I know for Natalie it wasn't the best pregnancy, she was sick an awful lot and the end was quite stressful with lots of monitoring...but she's here, she's healthy, and just perfect! I've known Natalie since we were both about 18 months old, and I'm so glad that our children will have the chance to grow up "together" too. We aren't next door neighbors like Natalie & I were as kids...but they'll always be a very important family in our lives and I hope Braden and Sophia can be great friends!


  1. how is Braden every going to pick between all of these girlfriends?! she's beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the nice post. You are a much better photographer then me.......I love the pics you took. I'm so happy you and Braden came to meet her <3


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