Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Update on the Babies...Skin and Fur Alike!

Okay, that title might be weird...but you know what I mean - Braden, Miles, Kihei, and Zoey! I've been taking lots of pictures and lots of videos, Braden is just learning all sorts of new tricks...such as:

Clicking his tongue! Mom has been trying to teach him this forever, and one day, out of the blue he just started! Here's another video when he does it for a bit:

This is probably my favorite new trick - shake your booty!

Oh! And this...not the best video, but he started saying "nom! nom! nom!" when he's eating:

Kihei has been sneezing like CRAZY lately! She must have a little piece of fox tail barley or something stuck up her nose. I caught this video, and this was only halfway through a "session" of sneezing...she's done up to 10 in a row.

So here is one of my lifelong dreams (albeit small and really totally unrelated to me!) have a kitty cat curled up into Kihei's husky tail for a snooze! At first, I put Zoey there...
This is how they play.
And then last night she curled up in the tail all on her own!
Miles has been trying to warm up to Zoey...
...but he's actually been having a pretty rough time. I think it's stress, but he's just been so mean and ornery to Zoey, when usually he's very friendly. He also marked "his" territory on our bed 2 mornings ago! He peed, not just a little "squirt" to prove his point, it was a full-out haven't-peed-all-night pee! Gross! Luckily our duvet washed well. But what a pain in the ass, he better not do it again. Hopefully he starts to relax a bit soon.