Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Well, we had a wonderful/chaotic/exciting Thanksgiving weekend all in one! It was my first ever holiday meal that I hosted, and thankfully I had my Mom to help me. Mom taught me how to cook a turkey, so I think I could do it all by myself next time....maybe! It also helped that Laura was here all afternoon helping to make salad, she did potatoes, and a lot of other prep stuff. Joy brought a sweet potato dish, Brenda brought dressing and a carrot dish, and Mom did a salad and a casserole dish among many other prep things. So thanks to all you ladies for helping me host my impromptu Thanksgiving meal. Originally Ben and Jess were going to join Mom and me for Thanksgiving, but Ben had to work last minute. Since the guys were going to be harvesting, I told Brenda that she and Ray were more than welcome to eat with us whenever they could make it over. Since B&J had to cancel on us and I had a BIG bird to cook I decided to just suck it up and invite ALL the Schultz's over. It was actually a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to hosting an early Christmas for the Schultz's as well....with help from all the ladies again!

I did have some pictures of the day, but my memory card crashed mom took a couple of pics so here they are:
Luke is SUCH a great big cousin! He's so gentle and takes such great care of Braden.
Luke (2), Braden (8 months), Serena (almost 5), & Ella (3.5)
Oh! And look what Braden learned to do today!