Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Little Starfish!

Well 8 weeks later and we have officially finished and passed our first swimming lessons! I had such a blast doing this with him and he absolutely loved swimming every Saturday. The first lesson he was rather indifferent, but he enjoyed it more and more and more every time we went. He practiced his front floats, back floats, splashing his arms and legs, singing songs, "jumping" off the edge of the pool and into the water, and even getting dunked under water multiple times! We didn't take any pictures today of our last lesson, but Jay came to watch and I think he had a proud papa smile on!

Here's a picture they took of me and Braden at our second lesson (sorry, I took it with my phone, our scanner isn't working):

And here is what his instructor wrote on his report card:
Braden gets to be a Duck next and we can register for the next lessons in January. I want to keep him going pretty steady with his swimming lessons so he continues to like them and enjoy the water, but it will be nice for me to have a break! Even though the lesson itself is only 1/2 hour, it takes up 1/2 of my Saturday!