Thursday, November 25, 2010

Buy a House...Get Free Stuff!

Well...kinda. We have Airmiles Amex and MasterCards and we are "Gold" members so we have earned a LOT of Airmiles in this house building process. Instead of using our miles to fly, we use them to get free stuff. So far we have got...

Braden's crib:
Braden's humidifier:
Braden's monitor:

Braden's stroller (in brown, not green):
And just recently we got me a steam mop (LOVE THIS):
A little steam cleaner which I have yet to try:
And being the nice wife that I am, I said that we could get a new Xbox 360 because Jay's one I got for him for his birthday 3 years ago is fried:
The cool thing about the new Xbox is that it is Kinect ready, so we are hoping to get a Kinect system for Christmas, should be fun!! (I actually like the new black one better because it matches our furniture!! :)

Still not "worth" it with all the money we've spent on the house, but it's nice to have little bonuses. Mom also spent Airmiles of her own and got Braden his high chair:
So we've done really well and especially gotten a lot of baby gear for free!!