Friday, November 26, 2010

My First Black Friday Experience

No, I'm not actually in the States on a shopping spree...I'm still at home, just trying to enjoy some online Black Friday deals! This is MADNESS I tell you. Jay thinks I'm nutso (and I partially am, I can't blame him for thinking that), but I was up until 1AM trying to get a deal on....*blushing* cloth diaper laundry detergent. What's that you can't read it? Oh okay. I'll admit it. I stayed up past midnight trying to get a good deal on soap! I was checking Facebook on my BB one last time before we turned out the lights at 10:30 last night and I knew that my favorite cloth diapering accessory product, Rockin' Green (RnG) Soap was having a Black Friday sale on a special edition product starting at 11:00 MST. I REALLY wanted the deal, but didn't wanna stay up past 11 to get it. Well, she announced that she was starting her sale early, so I jumped out of bed hopped onto the laptop to grab up what I wanted and go back to bed. BIG MISTAKE!!! There were soooooo many other crazy mamas out there that had the same idea as me that we crashed her website and the server was down apparently all night! I stayed up chatting with other RnG fans wondering if we would get this limited time offer sale. I gave up at 1AM and I still can't believe I stayed up that late trying to get a deal on soap! When I woke up this morning the website was finally fixed and I got my deal. It's called "Jingle Bell Rock" the holiday pack:
If it makes you feel any better, Kihei would have woken me up at 12:15 anyway because she was at the door ready to come in for the night :) Needless to say, I didn't get any other Black Friday specials and I think I'm done with my shopping for today! I always knew that the cloth diapering community was a passionate bunch, but not really to what extent, until today. I checked RnG's Facebook page this morning and there were mamas that were chatting, waiting for this product ALL NIGHT. At least I'm not that crazy.... :)