Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy 27th Birthday!

Just wanted to wish my wonderful husband and and father of my child a happy 27th birthday today! Love you, Jay!
I had arranged with Jay's mom, as a surprise, that she would stay after supper to watch Braden for us so we could go on a much needed date and catch a movie in the city. But being that it was probably colder than -30 C outside with the windchill, we decided to have a night in a play Wizard with his parents. We haven't done that for well over a year and it was a lot of fun! I highly recommend that game, it's a game of trump, kind of like musical chairs.... ;)

Braden also had his first taste of chocolate cake, shhhhhhhhhhh!!! Don't tell anyone! He only had 4 bites and no frosting even, so really...it doesn't even count, right?!

He actually wasn't CRAZY about it. He'd much prefer a homemade cookie!

So I played a little prank on Jay the day before his birthday. For a little background to my Blog followers who aren't hockey fans, I grew up in Edmonton an Oiler's fan and Jay obviously grew up here a Flames fan. They are one of the greatest hockey rivals so we always are joking about this...and here was my prank on Facebook:
Ha! I've never commandeered anyone's Facebook before, so thanks for the inspiration, Jess!

Braden also had his 2nd haircut today! Already! His hair is filling in now and it's almost all the same length now and Jaclyn figures it will come in even and get thicker now. Here's his before picture (you can see his little wings if you look closely):
And his after:


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