Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meeting Chaz & Nolan

I know what it's like to be a new mommy and having hoards of visitors at your house in excitement of meeting the new baby and visiting with the new family. Even though Joy is my sister, I still felt like I was imposing on her, but I just couldn't help myself - I have been so excited to meet the twins! So I made a lasagna, packed up my own boys, we went to Crossiron Mills for a couple of things and then off to Strathmore we went to meet our new nephews.

When we got there, Joy said they had just put them to bed 10 minutes earlier...I walked by them 3 times and didn't even notice! They were all swaddled and bundled up so nicely together in a bassinet in their dining room. Joy said we could get some cuddles in still so I jumped at the chance and gathered up little Nolan for a snuggle. Having met them in person finally, Nolan is 100% the "Schultz" baby...looking a lot like his Grandpa and Uncle Jay, and Chaz is the "Rayton" baby who looks exactly like Danny, with a matching cowlick "hurricane" swirl on his hairline too!
Then big sister Danika wanted to snuggle with Chaz...
The Rayton children!
I know Braden is only 10.5 months old and he doesn't "know" what's going on...but he SQUEALED with excitement when we showed him his little cousins, it was so cute. Doesn't Braden look like a BIG cousin here!
Then we put the boys back down to finish their nap, we ate supper and then it was time for the boys to eat. Nolan woke up first and Joy gave him a bottle, then Chaz woke up shortly after and I got to feed him a bottle!
Mama Joy, looking so great, and Nolan:
So here is Nolan the "Schultz" baby:
And here is Chaz, the "Rayton" baby:
They are wearing their Cookie Monster jammies that I bought for them - the fit them perfectly. A wonderful gift from Sears if anyone is interested. So nice and cozy fleece!
Chaz & Danika
Braden, Jay, & Chaz
Ohhhh these boys are SO SWEET! Here's another picture of Chaz:
Danika snuggles with Nolan!
One last picture of Nolan...
These boys are so precious! I just can't believe how strong and healthy they are for 34 weekers. They don't even look like preemies at all, other than their size. Some preemies, pardon the terminology especially if you are a preemie mom, but some of them tend to look a bit alien-ish...not these boys! They have already gained back, and more, of their birth weight and they're not even 2 weeks old yet. They were 12 days old yesterday when we met them, 2 weeks old tomorrow already - wow!

Well, yesterday was the first of many visits and snuggles. We're going to spoil these boys rotten...and Braden is going to LOVE growing up with his twin cousins. How blessed are we!

P.S. I just ordered myself a Lightscoop because I plan on being "crazy" Auntie Sarah and taking lots of pictures of these bundles...and I didn't know there was such a thing until a friend on Facebook posted about it with pictures last night. You can still use the flash on your camera, but it reflects it off a wall so it's perfect for babies! So excited to use it and I hope it gets here soon. Merry Christmas to me, love me!


  1. Isn't it amazing how fast our boys grow!? They aren't the "babies" anymore. Newborns look SO tiny now!

  2. Ok "Phoebe"! (Laura!!!!)

    Alissa, I know. Braden technically hasn't been the baby of Jay's family since he was 8 weeks old! But now he looks like a MONSTER next to those premie twin cousins of his!


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