Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baking Cookies

So today is a gloomy, overcast, grey, threatening to rain, actually rained for a bit kind of day. What do I do on these days? BAKE! I made these awesome peanut butter cookies a couple of weeks ago and I've been craving them ever since.

Peanut buttery, sugary balls of goodness!

Braden is adorable. Duh. He's been learning lots of words lately, as you know, and one of his new attempts at a word is the word "cookie". But it comes out like "toota". Observe:

Baked cookies of goodness!

While Mommy bakes...Braden makes a mess!

Mmmm! Enjoying his "toota"!

And on a completely non-cookie related note, I've been finding lots of stuff to "finish" off the house, just little things to make it feel complete. Ordered this fun little decal saying from Etsy:

Been looking for some art to go over our bed for a LONG time. Found some stuff I liked at Bed Bath and Beyond (BBB, for future reference) but I what I wanted there would cost $80-$90, well I hit a bunch of new stock that just came into Walmart yesterday and scored these for $45! I really like them, and Jay doesn't have a say because I put them up while he's away in Saskatchewan at the farm show! So HA!

And this is what Jay has been doing in the rainy weather, helping Jerry our drywaller finish the garage!

Still needs to be cleaned, obviously, but it's nice to have it all sealed up - yes! Good work, Jay! Hope you don't mind the iPod's LOADS easier to do, especially when it's pictures I know I'm never going to print.