Friday, July 22, 2011

Another Visit With His Cousins

We've been really busy this July and haven't seen them since our family pictures in June! You can REALLY see how big the twins have got! Braden is taller and has a few pounds on them, but when they were sitting down you could hardly tell the size difference, especially cuz Chaz has a pretty big noggin! :) Also, I know they all look really impressed, but the fact that they all stood still is a small miracle!
Braden & His Twin Cousins
Also note the cute onesies I bought the boys from our Vegas trip.
Braden & His Twin Cousins
And Danika had to join in too!
Rayton Kids & Braden
Nolan 7.5 Months
Rayton Kids
And just some random stuff from this morning... Braden often carries around a picture of the Huskas that I have framed when Sophia was a newborn and he says "baby baby!" It's very cute!

And here's a video of him dancing to his fridge Leap Frog toy!

Have a great weekend! Ben and Jess are on their way after work today and we're so excited to have them!

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  1. Kids are so funny. My Hayden often carries around a picture of me, jeff & our niece addie. Then Livi sees it, shouts baby & they have to fight over it.


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