Saturday, July 23, 2011

Triathlon Update

I have gone on a couple of bike rides and one walk/jog/run since I last posted about my aspiration to do a triathlon. It's not really going to take a lot of work for me to get in shape, but it's going to take dedication and will. On only our 2nd bike ride together, Jay and I went quite a ways farther, did it faster, and weren't completely out of breath when we got home. I'm very excited to make exercise a part of my life again.

I've been talking to Lindsay at work about triathlons and she was informing me that the Tri-Smore was a sprint distance. It is 12 laps 20 laps of the pool 5 km 20 km bike ride and a 2.5 km 5 km run. So I thought the distances had changed quite a bit from what Carley told me! So the "full smore" at the Tri-Smore is what is called a sprint distance triathlon. A true full or Olympic triathlon distance is a 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike ride and a 10 km run. Then there's long distnaces and for the real go-getters, the Ironman. So I do have a choice of whether or not I want to do the full or half smore at the Tri-Smore.

Braden will be doing the "2 bite smore" race which is 1 lap of the pool (parents can help), 0.8 km bide ride and a 0.25 km run. I'm already glowing with pride!

Then Lindsay told me about this:
It's in May, in Airdrie. A try-a-tri even for women only. I'm super excited about this and depending on when registration closes, I'll do this one and then decide if I can/want to do the full smore for the Tri-Smore, if I have the luxury to do so!

Thanks for all the support and kind words so far, I appreciate it and I'll need more I'm sure!



  1. I think you need to think about it S'more! LMAO! I crack me up!

  2. Oh you crack me up! But it is so true! haha


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