Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Ready...

To be pregnant again! 
No, not pregnant, jut ready to be again some day! :)
Remember this post that got everyone in a tizzy about me throwing ideas around about Baby Schultz #2? And all it was, was me wondering when I'd ever be ready again? But before I get you (especially my Mom) all excited, I have to clarify that I am mentally ready, but we are not actively trying yet. Awww, boo, I know! But as you can see above I've started taking my prenatals and folic acid again, as I did it about 6 months before we got pregnant with Braden. So yes, the plan is to start trying sometime in the new year, like we always figured it would!

It just makes more sense for our lives right now to wait to have the late fall/winter baby. It gives me an extra 4+ months of income and that is absolutely huge for us. Our lives, as we also said before we had Braden, will never be the same...all for the better of course! But it will be harder for out-of-our-immediate-family childcare as hopefully Laura (who babysits Braden when Jay or Mom aren't around) will have another child which would mean her taking care of 4 kids under 5 by the time I go back to work and I'm quite sure my lovely sis-in-law wouldn't want that daunting task too often if at all for a year or two...or three! So work will be more limited for me when Jay is busy with seeding/harvest. I know one day when all our kids are in school then I can work to my little heart's I want to enjoy the "not working as much" years while they're young but I still like to and need to contribute to the family income.

I've been asking my friends that have more than 1 kid lately, "how did you know you were ready to have another baby?" and most just reply "you'll just know". Something just clicked in my head at work last week, I triaged a few pregnant patients and saw the same girl twice who was due last week, ready to deliver her baby at the same hospital I did, and I looked at Carley and said, "I've got the baby bug again - it's official! I don't want one now but I know I want one, definitely ready again!"

I'll be honest, some of my worries and doubts have been/are:
  • will I love this baby as much as I love Braden? (I know I will, its such a different love with a newborn, if that makes any sense. Perhaps the 100% dependence on mommy)
  • will I be able to handle a newborn, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and taking care of Braden? (I know I can, but it seems quite daunting at times!)
  • how am I going to grocery shop with two kids? (obviously it's been done by millions of women before me! I know I can, but again...daunting!)
  • I have to/want to dedicate by body for almost 2 years, again, to a little baby with pregnancy and breastfeeding (loved it with Braden, but it's still a HUGE commitment but I truly feel like I'm ready again - especially if it takes 6+ months until I'm pregnant again, I needed a "long" break)
  • life is pretty darn easy right now with just Braden...and then I'll have to start all over again! (but I know I want more kids and that it will be so worth it!)
How about another sweet newborn Braden pic?
In Mommy & Daddy's Arms

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  1. Aww, what an exciting time. We decided to start trying when Brook turned a year old and got pregnant our first month trying. Hope you have some great New Years news to share with everyone =)

  2. Hi, new follower from the hop. Love your site. Please stop by

  3. Newest Follower from the hop! I look forward to reading more!

  4. I LOVE that photo of y'all holding Braden! Too sweet and his facial expression says that he KNOWS y'all will never let anything happen to him.
    Love love love!

  5. Well, good luck to you when you do start trying again! How exciting :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. Wow, that is wonderful! We are def going to consider time of year (weather) and income as well when moving onto our second. Luckily it went exactly as planned for our first.
    I saw a woman getting out of her car at the grocery store the other day with her small baby and a toddler. She was carrying one on her hip and one in the carseat (Aye!). I was thinking- oh no! I'm going to have to do that? Scary...

    The good thing is that we all have the same fears!

  7. i agree with the 'you'll just know, something will click". i've been excited about the thought of another one for a while now, but the last couple weeks something seemed to change and now i just know i'm ready. i think we'll still wait til october... doesn't really matter cause Craig won't be home at the right time of the month til then anyway lol. but i really would be fine any time now:) and you're right that i probably won't be into watching 4 of them for a few years! at least not frequently:)

  8. :) yAY. We are getting mentally prepared for a #2 soon as well. God willing.


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