Saturday, August 20, 2011

Y3W: Love/Hate Nights

My three words this week are love hate nights. I've been working a lot of night shifts lately, more 12 hours shifts than 8's even. I love the diversity of a night shift, you can be busy all night, you seem to see more trauma-ish patients, you can have a super slow and relaxing night,or a busy run-off-your-feet night. But I also hate nights. I do not sleep well, as a general rule, during the day. I can't even blame it on my baby elephant darling son who loves to run and thump around the house, it's all me. I can be exhausted, barely keep my eyes open on the drive home, but for some reason I perk up as soon as I walk through the door and get hugs and kisses from my little sweetie. I usually dawdle around until 9 or past that, and then seem to sleep only until 2. Not much fun to work all night and then do it again with only 5 or so hours of sleep (if I'm lucky). But the huge benefit to working nights is the money. Especially on the weekend. The shift differential for a night shift is $5 extra per hour and on the weekend it's an extra $3.25 per hour on top of the $5. To be making and extra $8.25/hr is kinda hard to turn down! I figure it's only for the summer and then I slow down when hubby goes back in the field for harvest time.

Sorry that this wasn't a Braden post, but I haven't spent that much time with my little man lately :( I'm so excited to go back to Edmonton to visit my parents and friends there with Braden next week. If I get brave, I might actually leave Braden there with my mom and she can bring him back as I work 24 hours next Friday/Saturday to close off my summer shifts. I 100% completely trust my mom, she knows Braden pretty much as well as me and Jay do, and we've left Braden before when we went to it's not so much about being "brave" per say, just that it's hard to leave the little guy behind even though I know he loves his Grammie very much! I guess we'll see!

*This blog entry is my own personal opinion and I freely choose to write about my profession*



  1. I'm also a night nurse, and I feel your sentiment on the love/hate relationship for nights. Though I only work 12 hour night shifts, and our shift differential isn't nearly as sweet as yours.

  2. Yeah, honestly...the shift diff is the only reason why I work nights!

  3. Before my daughter was born, I worked full time nights in CCU, but after she was born, I too can't sleep. So now I work PRN days. I prefer nights for many reasons, but at this point in our life, days are better for our family. You are correct the shift diff is NICE!!


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