Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update in iPod

Here's a rather lazy post, I'm going to be working nights the next 3 and I'm going to be completely disoriented and not able to blog unless we have some down time and I can do it at work. So here is a summary of Tuesday night/yesterday in iPod pictures!
Picnik collage
So from the top left to the right and working our way down...
  • got an awesome deal ($20!) on some new Blowfish flats
  • got my hair cut and I love it!
  • ummm....any time Braden has a spare minute, or even 30 seconds he climbs onto the bathroom counter and he gave himself a sink bath yesterday
  • visited Joy & the kids and Nolan is always so happy!
  • made a banana cream pie for dessert
  • chased this little guy around and caught him for a picture
  • made him a smoothie
  • caught the dog trying to find some peas in the garden
  • Braden loves "driving" the lawnmower
  • handsome hubby working on the swather
  • brand new swather
  • hot dog seeking refuge under the old truck
  • Braden "driving" the tractor
So that's that, I'm working on a big post where I'm gonna ask for some help with some soon-to-be 19 month toddler issues! Get your thinking caps on!