Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge: Smiles

This weeks challenge: Smiles! 
The challenge: The challenge will be based around your children. Take or find a photo of your baby (or kid... or puppy... or kitty). Lets see those big 'ol grins!


How could I not pick this photo for this week's challenge? My all-time favorite picture of Braden smiling! Which is also making me kind of queasy about getting that "perfect" picture for our Christmas card this year! I think I just have to throw in the white towel on getting a perfect, happy, smiling picture of my (soon-to-be) 22 month old! Taking pictures this weekend with Jess, so hopefully we get some good shots! Have a great weekend!

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  1. oh my gosh!!! so stinkin' cute :)


  2. Oh my gosh, how adorable!! So cute :)

  3. This is the best picture!! I can't stand how cute!

  4. Hi there! I just found your blog through the cloth diapering mamas directory at

    I'm your newest friend!
    Happy thanksgiving!

    Your son is too stinking cute.. My letti just turned 8 months old.. I love this picture so much!


  5. ZOMG this pic is the cutest thing ever! I just found your blog via the cloth diapering link and am loving it!

  6. AWWWW. What a handsome little guy. I'm loving this. Is it your holiday photo?


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