Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chill Out, Sarah!

Will someone talk me down? I've gotten myself so stinkin' worked up this holiday season, I realize that I need to take a chill pill....but actually doing it is another thing.  Do any of you ever get like this? Please tell me that I'm not alone and how you cope with just stepping back and letting go of all the pressure and stress that the holidays bring! I need to learn from this and remember what to do/not to do for next year!

Here is/was my to do list for the holiday season:

Decorate house
Put Christmas tree up
Host dinner party for 11 adults
Scrapbook/Mod Podge Christmas letters
Bake Christmas Smartie Cookies for work party
Buy Christmas present for work party
Buy Christmas presents for family/friends
Santa picture
Bake cake for twins' birthday party
Decorate said cakes
Buy & wrap twins' birthday presents
Make shortbread cookies
Make Corn Flake butterflies
Make custom Shutterfly gifts
Pinterest craft projects
Fireplace photo shoot with Braden
Family photo shoot
Write Christmas letters
Make Christmas photo cards
Assemble & mail letters & cards
Make gingerbread house
Decorate & make more sugar cookies
Make a snowman with Braden
Train dog to use invisible fence
Bath & Body Works run
Bed, Bath, & Beyond run
More Shutterfly gifts (that wouldn't get here in time anyway)

Looking at that list doesn't look so bad, but it was a LOT of work! For some reason I've put all this pressure on myself (my own fault, I know) to have a perfectly decorated house, start taking on all these craft projects...when I KNOW that I don't have time, which stresses me out and makes it not fun at all for me, I'm keeping up with my housework, AND working about 24-32 hours a week...I've had enough. I just need to chill out, step back and ENJOY the rest of the holidays. I don't want Braden growing up with a manic/crazy/stressed out mom during the holidays, and Jay shouldn't have to put up with it either!

Just this last weekend, I came down with a sinus infection and had that annoying tickle in my throat. I worked my first day shift since mid-July, just an 8 hour one, did a Walmart run after work, came home, made mashed potatoes & carrots, Jay did a roast in the crock pot, his parents ended up coming over for dinner because we had so much food, Jay left for a boy's night, I bathed & put Braden to bed, cut up the birthday cakes, made buttercream icing, rolled out & colored pre-made fondant, decorated the cakes, wasn't happy with my work, forgot I still had to wrap birthday presents...was exhausted and went to bed at midnight. I was supposed to work another 8 hour day shift, but I couldn't shut off my brain, I was feeling even more sick, and at 2:30 AM when I still hadn't fallen asleep & would have to get up in 3.5 hours to go to work...I threw in the towel and called in sick. 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE baking & decorating cakes, especially for my nieces & nephews, it was just poopy timing by me, I normally would have had it done days before and frozen the cakes.

Sorry for the rant, friends...I don't know if anyone actually read that, but I had to just get it off my chest so I can forget about it and move on. Other than training the dog...I really don't care if the rest of my list gets completed this year! Happy holidays!

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  1. Hugs! It'll get better, just take it one thing, one day at a time! You've got a husband, silly (yet freaking adorable) boy, and animals and most importantly: yourself! to take care of, the rest is just bonus! Holidays are stressful already, try not to make it twice as bad as yourself!

    I hope you get to feeling better soon and can chill :)

  2. got too much going on! I started all my stuff in early November to avoid all of the stress! Normally I wouldn't start so early, but I didn't want to have so much to do. Good luck and you'll get the most important stuff done (I think the 'making a snowman with Braden counts as #1!!)..

  3. Wow! You are busy! I feel like I am falling in water this time of year too with everything going on. You have some things checked off. You are an organized mama so everything will get done! Hugs. I hate sinus infections too. I presently have one!

  4. Were we separated at birth of something! I always put too much on myself too and am such a perfectionist. Thanks for the brought me some clarity during this crazy time of year.


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