Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Paper Mama's Holiday Photo Challenge

This is my first year entering the challenge. I'm not a whizz at PhotoShop like Chelsey. That girl is AMAZING! I'd love to be able to learn how to add graphics and extra pictures in my pictures...but for now, my basic editing skills in PhotoShop Elements 6 and playing around with Picnik will have to do! This photo I did for the contest:
Funny Christmas Card
It's fun and it's cute! For our real Christmas cards, I usually get Pink Dot Design to do them, but I decided to save a bit of money and just wing it myself! Last year I took Braden's Christmas card picture at the end of October to get the early bird special from PDD...but I was not on the ball this year! I hope that most of you have received your Christmas cards from me...I like it to be a surprise! If'll be getting it soon, I hope! This is our actual Christmas card that I sent out...
Christmas Pictures 2011

Here's last year's card, once of my all-time faves!
Christmas Card 2010

The Paper Mama

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