Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!

Ahhh! The big photo dump for Christmas 2011! We went up to Edmonton on Friday, watched Christmas Vacation with Dad, and then on Saturday had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my brother, his wife, my grandma and my uncle. And it looked a little bit like this:
Christmas Decor
Playing with dog kibbles is easy and accessible! What an imaginative boy!
Loader & Dump Truck & Kibbles, Oh My!
But real presents....are much better!
First Gift of 2011
A remote control Thomas!?! Shut up!
Braden's First RC
Llllllllobster!For my Scandinavian friends...this is home made lefse! NOM NOM NOM!

Before supper was on the table, I found these two chilling out, watching Thomas. Braden is very much like his father...likes to have quiet time by himself!
And then it was time for presents!!! My family always opens our presents on Christmas Eve.
Not so much in the mood for pictures now....
....but after his bath and getting into Santa jammies, much happier!
Schultz Family Christmas
He might look serious up there, but he was so well behaved and had lots of fun playing with his new CAT excavator, stayed up until 7:30 and then pretty much fell right asleep!
Opening Presents
Baby Bean got really spoiled!
Look What Santa Brought!

This look! I just die, it melts my heart! He was so happy!

Christmas Morning
And then we headed the 3 hours back to the farm, Braden had a 1 hour nap, to celebrate with the Schultz Family.
The children sleeping on the way back to the farm for Christmas...

Schultz Christmas
Christmas Cookies
Braden & Mommy
Braden was so hungry he needed a bite of banana before his turkey!
And that was that! After supper I was running around helping to clear the table, clean the dishes, and I may have raised my voice at my mother-in-law saying "you, get out of the kitchen now!", as she was drying dishes. She deserved to relax as she cooked and prepared all day and had a houseful of 10 adults and 8 kids. She then disappeared for at least 15 minutes! This is one of my favorite gifts that Braden got this year:
Little tiny Bauer skates and a helmet! I'm so excited to take him skating!!! I can't wait to be a hockey mom! I love my camera strap and lens cover! And some tiny OPI nail polishes!

My awesome seester @j_burrell got me the camera strap and lens cap cover I wanted!!! @Etsy #CraftyStaci Minis
Braden LOVES this Thomas take-n-play...and his new Thomas jammies!
Misty Island Rescue here we go!Super cute new Thomas jammies!
Even just posting this...exhausts me! Hope you all had a wonderful time with your families. As excited as I always am for Christmas, I'm always just as happy to see it go! Until next year!


  1. Is that a Mega Blocks Thomas the train set I see up there? lol Tristan got one of those this year and loves it :). He also got a red version of those Thomas pjs. Looks like Braden had a great Christmas this year :).

  2. Great pics Sarah! I like the one with your reflection in the ornament! Your hair is looking really good too!

  3. "A remote control Thomas?!? Shut up!"

    Quote of the year! My kids would have died!! Looks like Braden had a fantastic Christmas!

  4. what an amazing Christmas! I am so jealous by the amount of pictures you took... ugh, i kick myself every time!!! should have taken more!

    love it all!

  5. Looks like you all had an amazing time! Merry Christmas!,

  6. I LOVE these pictures - you have such an eye for the camera! And it looks like you all got great gifts :) I'm so happy you guys had a great Christmas!


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