Sunday, May 13, 2012

15 Weeks

Technically I'm 15 weeks 3 days, but you get the drift. I'm at this super awkward belly-growing stage where most of my normal shirts don't fit me, mostly because of a rounding belly and a really long torso that doesn't accommodate most "normal" shirts for their length anyway... But I'm absolutely swimming in most of my maternity clothes! Give 'er another month, I guess!
15 weeks! (yesterday!) at the awkward stage where maternity shirts look ridiculously big, but normal shirts don't fit! #pregnancy
And here's some pregnancy stuff lately...
  • heartburn + Zantac have found their way into my life again, had a really bad evening last night
  • I don't drink near enough water, one of the reasons is that I fear I will pee even MORE but I know it's good for me
  • craving Earl Grey vanilla tea like nobody's business when it's cold/rainy/dreary out
  • enjoying Sanpellegrino Italian sodas for that fizz without all the crap from pop once in awhile
  • exercising more, got out on my bike and going for walks
  • 1/2 triathlon in just less than 6 weeks
  • I think I'm getting the teeny tiny beginnings of little red "spider veins" on my sides that will probably turn to stretch marks. I am vain. I do not want them. I didn't get a one on my belly with Braden, so I really don't want them this time! First world problem, I know.
  • starting to feel the baby move as of last week! Was thinking it was getting more consistent, especially in the evenings when I'm (trying to) relax a bit, but also after really sugary stuff - like Tim Horton's new frozen lemonade - hold off on SO much sugar Tim's! But it still isn't super consistent movement
  • it doesn't scare me that I'm 15 scares me more that there's less than 25 weeks left!
  • I am only weighing myself at my every-4-weekly appointments and trying hard not to get pissed off at the numbers...I can feel I'm gaining so much faster with Squishy
  • my skin is still AWFUL. Must be a girl, only a girl would do this to me, right? 
  • sleeping really well, but still can't get to bed most nights before 10:30-11
  • nausea is completely gone unless I'm stupid and forget to eat in the morning
  • I keep forgetting to take my prenatal vitamins and my prenatal omega 3's...meh
  • starting to get round ligament pain more often
  • sometimes get cervical pains, not sure why but they don't last long
I think that's about it for my up-to-15 weeks update! I just had to share some pictures for my non-IG friends from our shopping trip to Walmart yesterday. My gangsta Cookie Monster boy! He was SO excited to wear this hat I got for him from H&M.

Despite the look in his face he was so happy to wear his Cookie monster hat today!!!The cookie monster hard at work!