Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Potty Training Day #2

Dearest friend Katie V forwarded me the 3 day method in a PDF file yesterday. It was super easy to read through, and asides from the nap and night training, I'm totally doing this. Following it to almost a tea. Here's our day in bullet form:
  • 6:45 AM wake-up, Daddy gets Braden up and Braden is commando with jammie pants on
  • 7:15 AM Mommy's out of bed and gets Braden in his underwear and jammie shirt stays on for the day
  • I am 100% devoted to sticking to him like glue all day, so he's happy to snuggle on the couch, loving all the mommy attention (he usually plays in the AM by himself and watches shows while I do a few things)
  • 8:45 AM after a Danino drinkable yogurt, 1 full sippy cup of milk, and about 50 million "Braden, tell Mommy when you have to go pee in the potty"'s and "Braden are your underwear dry? Good for you!"'s (very important element to the 3 day method) I pull out the big guns and give him 1/2 apple juice and 1/2 water to try to avoid yesterday's poosplosions
  • 9:45 AM, 3 hours and a lot more "tell Mommy when you have to go" reminders still nothing
  • Hawk-watching continues, he never leaves my side
  • 10:25 AM still no pee - wow my child has remarkable bladder control! Reading books in his room, my pregnant self HAS to pee. Since, according to the method, I cannot take my eyes of my child, he comes into the BR with me, and on his own accord wants to "pee on potty". He happened to bring a book ("Are You My Mother?") with him. 
  • 10:30 AM I am on the big potty, he's on his little green one, I read about 5 pages and he stops....looks down....and pees! YAY, BRADEN!
  • He actually loved seeing his "results" in the little potty and really loved dumping said results in the toilet and flushing it away. Follow hand-washing, 2 potty treats, and time at the train table
  • I gave him another glass of 1:1 apple juice:water, and was interested to see that now that the big morning pee was out of the way, what he would do.
  • 11:45 I have to pee again, Braden did NOT want to come in the BR with me as I was watching him play outside on the deck. I told him "you don't have to sit on the potty unless you want to, but you have to stay with Mommy so I can pee!" Again, he says "pee on potty" and we repeat reading a bit and then him peeing again!
  • 12:15 we eat some lunch and I am constantly reminding him to tell me if he has to go and praising him for having dry underwear.!
  • 12:30 watching the very end of a Thomas episode before nap time he suddenly looks up at me and says "need new bum!" I could see his light grey boxer briefs turning darker grey so "I said, let's go to the potty!" as we ran there.
  • I sat him down on his little potty showed him that his underwear was not wet, not dry, and said "yucky! Your underwear is wet!" He took them to his hamper and then I let him run around just a little bit more before nap time, as I didn't want to associate accident = diaper
  • 12:45 he's out cold. In the meantime I do some Pilates watching Ellen, have a much needed shower, even have time to give myself a mini-pedi minus the polish (yet!)
  • 3:45 epic 3 hour toddler nap!!! This never happens! I guess potty training is wearing him out as much as it is me!! BUT, he wakes up in a flood...AGAIN. So frustrating and it makes him SO upset. He was drenched from diaper half way up his chest. I don't know how he slept through, it but it's like he's traumatized when he wakes up. He just would not pee, like have a really good pee before nap
  • 5:15 he'd had a bit of water and another drinkable yogurt and so I had to pee (as per usual) I didn't say anything to him other than to come to the BR because I had to go potty, took off his underwear, he sat down for 2.5 seconds, left, turned off the light in the BR leaving me peeing in the dark! Told him to please come back and turn the light on, he did, sat down on the potty and peed! With the biggest grin on his face!
  • 5:55 we did a "no no" of the 3 day training and left the house to go for supper at my in-laws. It was a quick supper and we were home by 6:30.
  • 6:30 time for a bath, and he happily peed on the potty AGAIN (that's #4 if you've lost count!) and had his bath. 
  • Lately he's liked to stall after bed time, but I figure I can use this to my advantage now. He DESPERATELY wanted another potty treat before bed, he was clean and naked, so he sat down to pee again. He grunted/strained for 15 seconds or so...nothing. Paced a bit, tried to convince me to give him a treat for trying, sits back down on the potty and has a fart...."good toot, Braden!".....has another, bigger fart...
He pooped on the potty!!! 
Potty Training Day #2
Oh we have both never been so happy to see poop in our life! I did not anticipate this happening on day 2, especially at the end of the day, but I am so happy and so proud of him! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you Katie V for sending me the 3 day method! I am 100% sold! He only had 1 accident, 4 pees, and 1 poop today! His accident wasn't even that big. Here are my thoughts about PT so far, things that will eventually have to change:
  • all but the last time he peed, I also was peeing on the toilet beside him
  • I read him a book 2 of the 4 times he peed....but I think he does need to sit and "think" about it a bit and won't pee the minute his butt hits the potty
  • I LOVE how excited he is when he sees his results in the little potty - Mom, you were right!
  • He loves calling Daddy to tell him how good he is doing!
  • The trains are fun to play with, but he is LOVING the M&M/Smartie potty treats he gets immediately after he does his business
  • I'm hoping in the next few days he'll just run to the potty or tell me that he needs to go, all on his own
  • He asked on his own accord to watch "The Potty Movie" 4 times today. I can tell he's paying attention because in the movie the character Henry can put his own slippers Braden took me to his closet and requested to wear his Thomas slippers...just like Henry! He also chose for me to read to him "The Potty Book" all by himself!
Potty Training Day 2

Thank you again for reading and for your kind words of encouragement!

Also, I just wanted to note that all of my trains for Braden as rewards are 50% off from, up to 70% off from eBay, or ones that he already has but thinks are new because I took them away a month ago! So he's not reeeeeally a spoiled brat. For those non-Thomas mommies out there, brand new wooden trains in the store cost anywhere from $12-$30 depending on if you hit a sale!


  1. He's doing so well!! That's great. He's one smart little cookie!

  2. I'm so impressed that he pooped! That's great!! I may need to look into this 3 day plan more! I hope you share more about it!

    1. Oh, believe me - I'm super impressed too! He does have the tendency to get back up easily so I hope I can keep him "regular" to avoid pooping problems. I will definitely share more on the 3 day method soon!

  3. Awesome update Sarah! Hope today goes even better!!

    1. Like I said, I'm forever indebted to you! It's been so great!

  4. Yay for potty poops! Hope it is going just as well today!

    1. It's gotten better and better every day! Thanks, Sarah!

  5. Yay, awesome results for day 2! Im super jealous, I cant wait to do this!

    1. Let me know how it goes, it sure worked for us!

  6. Yah for poops on the potty! I remember these days. Good luck hun!


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