Friday, May 18, 2012

Potty Training Day #3

What a great day, day #3 was. I had my doubts in the mid-afternoon, but in true Braden fashion, he proved his mama wrong and that he handles pretty much everything like a champ. Here's a run down on day 3:
  • 7:00 up for the day with Daddy, Mommy up shortly after
  • 9:00 - 11:00 multiple "tell Mommy when you have to go pee!" and "are your underwear dry?" reminders and conversations...and a few "why hasn't he peed yet?" tweets from me.
  • I have to break 2 rules today
    • #1 I had long ago promised Laura I would pick Luke from play school and have him for an hour or two until she got back from her hair appointment (not supposed to leave the house)
    • #2 We needed to leave our house to go to town shortly after 11:30, so at 11:20ish I had to say to him "you need to pee on the potty before we go get Luke". You're not supposed to remind them or tell them to "try", they need to learn to recognize the signs to go, BUT he did listen and went right before we left. 4.5 HOURS after he got up! And he had 2 little drinkable yogurts, 1.5 sippies of milk too! I had gone 5 times already!
  • 12:15 the boys have lunch
  • 1:00 I get Braden ready for his nap, and he's tired...but I kinda assume he won't settle as Luke is over and he's too excited
  • 2:00 Laura & Luke go home and I get Braden up from his quiet time
  • His diaper was very I told him that that's his "sleepy time bum" and if he needs to go potty when he's awake to please tell mommy
  • I feared that this might be a big regression in training...but we had to see how the day would progress
  • I pulled out the big guns and gave him a full cup of full strength apple juice to get the pee a flowing
  • I did tell myself at this point that I wanted him STOP going to the BR simply because I was doing it. Any time he did go when I did, he decided on his own accord "I pee potty" but I didn't want him to associate going to the BR with someone else going too
  • I wanted him to have some accidents so that his brain would recognize the signs and that he has to get to the potty before he has the accident
  • 3:30 he has a teeny tiny accident, about the size of a golf ball on his undies, good thing I kept asking and checking if his underwear was dry! We ran to the potty, I told him "yucky! Your underwear are wet! You need to pee in the potty!" all the while being very positive and upbeat, and guided him to sit down and finish peeing. He immediately got up and ran to his closet to get new undies
  • 3:45 another tiny accident, repeat above - would NOT sit down on the potty to finish
  • 4:15 yet another tiny accident, but this time he shouts "Need new bum!" ran to the BR all by himself, I helped him get his underwear down, he sat down by himself and had a massive pee! YAY! It "clicked!" I don't know how he had those little dribble accidents, but it took 3 of those for it to click and he finally ran to the BR to finish the job!
  • 6:00 I hear another "Need new bum!" as I'm looking at a recipe to cook for tomorrow so I ran behind him, got him on the potty, he looks down to see the results with the BIGGEST and proudest grin you've ever seen - Mommy! Look! I DID IT!
  • 6:15 this time a very loud "Need new bum! Pee on potty!" I thought it was odd since he had just gone, but he loves his instant potty treats so I figured if he could squeeze out a few drops - good for him! But...he had a massive POOP on the potty all by himself! 
  • Then right before bath he had another tiny poop by himself - yay!
I'm overjoyed that he recognizes the urge to pee and poop. I so feared that he would have major poop issues, but he proved mama wrong yet again. For now we are still using the little green Ikea potty, he really likes to see his results and dispose of the same in the big potty. He really knows the routine of dumping, flushing, washing hands with his special Elmo soap, drying his hands and then potty treats!
He got a BRAND NEW talking Gordon for the big poop on the potty!
I know he might have some regressions and that it's not all figured out yet, but I am so so so pleased with this 3 day potty training method recommended to me by Katie V & Frazzalicious, I am eternally grateful to you both! I will be doing a blog post more in depth on the method itself in the future!

photo photo

My little sidekick for the last 2 days. He's been very snuggly and I can tell he appreciates all the 1 on 1 time with me. It's nice to be 100% dedicated to him for the last 2 days. No, or very little, house cleaning to worry about...and to tell you the truth he's not as whiny and annoying when I'm available to him! I know why, and I can't do this every day, but it's been really nice...he's just as sweet as apple pie!
From earlier. He couldn't settle for his nap, so after 30 mins I told him he could read, this is what I found!! .#bestillmyheart #sweetboy
An example of how sweet he is! About 30 minutes of staying in his bed and babbling to himself, I told him over the monitor he could go read his books now. He then turned on his lamp, grabbed a few books, climbed up in the rocking chair and read. The sweetest boy alive, I tell ya!

Thanks for following along on our journey, as always, this potty training adventure in particular!


  1. No question.... the sweetest boy alive. Unbelievably sweet!!

    1. I can't get over the sweetness...and the cuteness!

  2. You are my hero! Good job! So proud of you. As soon as Liv's ready (NO CLUE WHEN THAT WILL BE), I'm going to be sending you massive emails! haha

    1. Thanks, Marie! I bet she's ready right now...if you are!! ;) I'll for sure be expecting your emails!

  3. Yay! I'm glad that y'all have come along so well with the potty training? Learning? I'm really not sure the difference here but nonetheless potty whatevering! seems to be going great so far! Good job Sarah & Braden!

    1. I called it "learning" just as he was...learning about the potty and reading books, practicing sitting on it etc, but when we actually started "training" that's when I called it that. But yes, it's gone swimmingly, thanks!


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