Friday, June 15, 2012

20 Weeks!

20 Weeks
What what? Half done? That was yesterday. And on the eve of my 20 week milestone...I couldn't sleep. That's the "mini panic attack" part setting in. My mind was racing that we are HALF DONE people! Well, if Squishy is anything like Big Brother it'll almost be half done! (He was 4 days overdue). Regardless, it's here already. I haven't even feel like it's flown by, it's actually gone at a very nice pace. But with summer fast approaching and then harvest, I know the next 20 weeks are going to go much faster. Here's some more pregnancy latelys:
  • Grumpy Grumpus over here. Seriously. It's awful. I feel bad for my boys. I wish I could start an IV line in myself so Jay could inject coffee into it before I wake up. He's been a saint letting me sleep in pretty much every day, but those days that I don't sleep in (and even some I do) I'm so cranky before my coffee that I can hardly stand being around myself. Was NOT like this last time.
  • The pregnancy acne has let up a lot, which I'm thankful for
  • I got my pregnancy massage in, which was my Mother's Day gift and I plan on going every 4 weeks or more for the rest of my pregnancy
  • The sciatic nerve, on my left side, has made it's ugly appearance again. If I sit too long on the couch or bed with my legs up, I can barely walk on my left leg after I get up. I'm only 1/2 done? Sigh. 
  • I've had a couple of SI joint episodes as well. But I've been seeing my chiropractor after every prenatal appointment, so that is the only thing that helps with that pain. It's not bad yet, but I've had a few achy moments. I had this big time with Braden too, I really need an adjustment, it'll have been 5 weeks since my last when I go on Monday!
  • I've decided not to do the full 1/2 triathlon that's only 8 days away now. It's too much for my pregnant body to take. I could swim 10 laps, bike 10 km, or run/walk 2.5 km....but not one after the other all in the same day, I've learned. If I had been training months and months before hand, like I intended to, it would be a different story...but such is not the case. It's okay though, my goal is to do the 1/2 tri NEXT year when Squishy (who will have a real name by then!) will almost be 8 months old. It will be a great way to get my post-partum butt back into shape, and that's about the time that I started weaning Braden too!
  • I've been feeling like I'm looking great lately. I'm truly, honestly not going to focus on the numbers that the scales say at my appointment on Monday, all that matters is how I feel. I would estimate that I'm up about 15 lbs at this point, when I was only up 9 lbs last time. That's OKAY though. I've been making a very concious decision to eat healthier the last few weeks, more fruits and veggies and cutting out the junk. Having said that, I had a mozza burger combo with an A&W Rootbeer for the first time this pregnancy today and it was gooooooooooood! Especially the pop, I try not to drink it at all when I'm pregnant - always going for water instead!
  • Turning 20 weeks made me want to get my butt in gear and get some things ready for Squishy! I'm glad I've got my nursery ideas and I also started sanding the cradle that my dear Grandpa B made for me when I was a baby. Squishy will be in the cradle for the first couple of months or so until s/he outgrows it:
Sanding the cradle my grandpa built for me when I was a baby. Gonna take FOREVER, but gonna be worth it!
Here's a bit of a flashback for you...21 weeks with Braden and 20 weeks 1 day with Squishy. What do you think? I think I'm the same size but defintiely carrying different. I know in this picture it looks lower, but it feels and looks higher most days to me!
21 weeks last time, 20 weeks 1 day this time.



  1. I CANNOT believe you are half way done! This has gone! So excited for you though, I can't wait to see the nursery come together. You look fabulous, trust me, I'd tell ya! Lol, no seriously though, you look stellar!

    (I was wondering about that event, I'm glad you decided to wait. I think it'll be better for you.)

    1. I know! Especially because you've known as early as I have! And thanks, I'm feeling like I'm looking much better too!

      And yes, so many people have come out of the woods "thanking" me for not doing the whole thing! It makes me feel better about it!

  2. I turned 20 weeks today too. You look great.

    1. Congrats! I was a day late posting this, my turnover day is Thursday!

  3. Wow, time is flying! You look great!

    The cradle that you are fixing up is precious! I had all the intentions in the world of fixing up my husbands bassinet for Lennox but it just didn't work out unfortunately. Its in the attic waiting for the next family baby!

    1. Oh thanks, Heather. I'm feeling like I'm getting puffy in the face already. Not with this pic, but just this week (21 weeks now). Ah well...I still feel good and that's all that matters.

      So does that mean no more babies for you guys?!

  4. Yea for halfway through. You seriously are looking great for 20 weeks. And I'm totally jealous of the massage. Our due dates are close. I'm not too much farther along then you are. I stopped by and now following you from Growing Up Geeky's Baby Bump link

  5. this is super cute..what program do you use to complete your layout?!


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