Thursday, June 21, 2012

An Answer to My Prayers #SheReadsTruth

Ever since I went to my retreat, I've been longing to learn and live His Word. I want to know it, breathe it, live it. I just know I'll be a better woman for it. A better wife, mother, daughter, and friend. So the answer to my prayers? #SheReadsTruth.

I follow Maggie and my new friend Jacqueline on Instagram and have followed the pictures from their studies on their first plan, which finished yesterday. I have always been hesitant to join a bible study, but was so eager to do this one when I got back from my retreat...but I wanted to do it "live" and participate with other ladies doing it. Well, their new plan starts today! It's called "Living the Surrendered Life" and I hope that I can inspire you to join me. It's a 21 day plan, we can all spare what I've been told takes about 20 minutes to read our bibles every day & journal our thoughts for 3 weeks. It's very easy and convenient to join:
  • If you have a SmartPhone, download the free Bible app from YouVersion and make a free account, go into "Plans" and search through the devotional section for "Living the Surrendered Life" it's #12 on the list
  • If you don't have a Smart Phone, or you prefer, you can follow the new plan online here.
  • If you are on Instagram or Twitter follow @SheReadsTruth and participate in the community by using the hashtag #SheReadsTruth
Hope to learn and live with you! This is all new to me, so I am ready to dive in with the support of all these wonderful Christian ladies!


  1. I could use something like this! I'll try to get everything downloaded later today. I struggle sometimes to be as faithful as I want to be, hopefully this will give me a push in the right direction!

    1. I hope you do! It's really easy and I find it very relaxing when I do it at the end of the day.

  2. I am loving the #shereadstruth community, too! The Soul Detox plan has been amazing for me (I am on day 19, but I am going to start the new one and do them together). I have been telling all of my friends in real life that they need to get in on this, too. So great.

    1. I would love to catch up and do Soul Detox after I finish this one. One at a time for me! I hope that more start doing it too.


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