Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our BC Summer Vacation Part 1

We postponed this vacation twice. We were supposed to go in the middle of June with the Nelsons, but the guys were still really busy spraying the crops, so we thought we'd go by ourselves at the end of June. At the end of June they were still spraying and hauling grain, so we decided to go at the end of July. We couldn't (and didn't want to) find a reason to cancel, so off we went. I was looking much more forward to the road trip this year than last year on our way to Ben & Jess's wedding. Braden was only 17 months last year, vs. 2.5 years this year...what a difference!

The trip there was great. But, between bringing the dog who was acting like she had to #2 the whole way there causing extra potty breaks, a 2.5 year old who needs to pee at least every 2 hours, and a 6 month pregnant me...well, let's just say we stopped A LOT on the way there! But that's okay...! I'd rather much have a potty trained Braden than having to change diapers! We stopped at Great Cedar Boardwalk to stretch our legs and take in this gorgeous scenery...but it sadly will be our last time there. The National Park now charges $15 just to do the walk through, which we didn't know until we were leaving. Jay has stopped there all his life and has never had to pay.

BC Vacation 2012
Braden, as I imagined, didn't sleep. Not even for a minute! But that's okay, he's used to not having naps and was very pleasant the whole way. He is a chatty Kathy and was a broken record at times "We find more trains? We find more trains? We find more trains, Mommy!?" We looked at saw many trains, tunnels, bridges, you name it! There was really only 2 stretches of construction, and we didn't even get slowed down much because of it, which was a first. BUT, my son truly appreciates and LOVES construction equipment. It was very entertaining for him pointing out skid steers, steam rollers, diggers, dozers, everything! We stopped in Armstrong at the Log Cabin which had Dave's goat walk and Braden really loved the goats. Plus, they have the best pies EVER and we indulged in a strawberry rhubarb delicious!
He loved the last stop of the day, The Log Barn!

The total trip took us about 8.5 hours with stops, so I figure that's not too bad. Plus, once you get to the cabin and look at the gorgeous view of the Okanagan Lake...everything that seemed to stress you out, like Braden falling into a goat's horn, cutting his upper gums on a digger toy, and Jay spilling half a strawberry milkshake into the console of our vehicle (all within a 15 minute time span!) just seem to fade away!
The view was totally worth the crazy, long road trip! @WheatlanderJay #okanagan #bc

Braden went to bed late and woke up early at 5:30 BC time which is 6:30 Alberta home time. He always does this. Don't they all? The later they go to bed, the earlier they wake up. But, with a fresh up of coffee and that gorgeous view in the morning, again - can't complain! His wake up times got better and better as the week went on too, and of course he even slept in on the morning we wanted to leave!

Starting off my day with prayer, a beautiful view, and coffee in a mason jar!Good morning from the cheesiest geese face you've eva seen!
The first full day we were there we headed to Davison Orchards in Vernon, BC. If you are in the area and have kids...I highly recommend it. Laura discovered it last year (or the year before?) and it is absolutely amazing!

Beautiful landscaping, the hilly orchards of Vernon to look at - just gorgeous! Braden loved it too, there's a playground for kids with a big sandbox, slides, digging equipment/toys and lots of vintage tractors!
BC Vacation 2012

They also had a tractor that pulled a train of carts...so Braden naturally called it a "tractor train"! He was very excited about the ride...but then wasn't so keen when the tractor stopped in the orchard and the tour guide gave us a 15 minute presentation on the orchard and the history of apples!
BC Vacation 2012
BC Vacation 2012

This is a place we'll definitely be taking our kids to for years to come!
BC Vacation 2012
Hope you liked the photo explosion...more to come later this week!


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