Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our BC Summer Vacation Part 2

The next day took us to Kelowna to visit my cousin Amy and her awesome little son Kingston. Kingston is about a year younger than Braden and he looks JUST like Amy did as a kid! Amy and I were very close growing up, I went to go visit her a couple of times when I was a teenager and she lived out at the Okanagan, we lost touch for many years and thanks to the power of social media...we're close and keep in touch regularly! I'm so happy we'll be able to see her and her family (hopefully!) every year that we go out to BC!
BC Vacation 2012
BC Vacation 2012
They had an awesome spray park, so we made an impromptu visit there before the time ran out on our parking meter as we met Amy in Kelowna for lunch.
I love love love these lush parks! #latergram
Braden really enjoyed the impromptu trip to the spray park in #Kelowna! This vacation rocks my socks!
Braden had a BLAST running around with Jay at the spray park and the weather was in the high 20's so it was just perfect! Since he had so much fun there...we knew he'd have a blast at Atlantis Water Slides in Vernon the next day...
This place is gorgeous and the boys are having so much fun!! ☀
And boy did he ever! I was a grumpus and didn't take my DSLR camera with I didn't want to guard and protect it or carry it around with us while we were there. We got a nice picnic table and Jay took Braden around all morning down the slides! They had 2 little kid slides which Braden could do "all by 'y self!" And he LOVED it. I would be at the top to help him wait his turn, then Jay would be at the bottom to catch up  and set him on the ground so he could do the cycle over and over again! Even though he had to push himself all the way down this slide...Jay said he was ear-to-ear smiling the WHOLE time!!

I LOVE on this video you can hear the joy in his "weeee!" as he pushes himself down the slide. He had the time of his life - bar none!

And this video is why I'm so glad I put Braden in swimming lessons for the next 2 weeks! He's just thrilled and loves to swim!

I think that day was the best for all of us! Just seeing the joy that the water slides brought Braden...amazing. I hope to provide joy like that to our kids for all their lives...or at least I can hope! Later that day, we took Braden and Kihei down to the park, as we do every afternoon. Jay was playing with Braden in the park, and I took Kihei on a walk through the woods around the park. She was tracking something...and then I found out what. It was a deer having a nap in someone's front yard! She was interested (of course) but not "excited" about it nor wanting to chase it. She was very calm. So I let her look at it for a few minutes and then started walking back to the park. Then Jay said "she's following you!" I thought he meant the dog, "well, duh, Jay! Of course she's following me she's on a leash." But nope...the deer was! The deer was VERY curious about Kihei! I'd walk a bit and stop, and there she was.
BC Vacation 2012
The next day we would find out from a neighbor, that while we were gone in the morning and had Kihei tied up in the front yard, he would see her having a nap with 2 deer! He does have a picture of it, but we didn't make contact with him in order to get it, so I hope he saves it and Ray can get it next time they go there!

Once Braden was in bed, for dessert I sliced us up some fresh BC peaches. This picture was quite a buzz on my Instagram and had many a girls I find myself doing right now! The answer is, yes...they are as good, and BETTER as they look!!
Fresh BC #Okanagan peaches in my belly!! #nomnomnom
One more BC post and that's the end of our summer vacationing for this year!


  1. Oh my word those peaches! They look so dang good! Enjoyed looking at your vacation pictures, it looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

    1. They really, really are! Thanks for stopping by and looking, we had a blast!


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