Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweet Mommy/Son Moment

So the other day when we spent the rainy day at the mall as a family...Braden had been up since 5AM. I don't know why. It's one of those unexplainable toddlerisms. We didn't get him out of bed until 6, and so I thought...since it's raining and Jay can't work, let's go to the mall and have a family day. But we had to wait 4 hours for the mall to open! (You know you got up early when....!)

We had a good time at the mall, this was the first trip in a long time we hadn't used his monkey harness/leash, and he did really well. We told him we'd get him a toy if he was a good boy and listened to mommy and daddy...and he did! I had got him some new Thomas shoes from Walmart, but they kept slipping off so that was our first purchase - new shoes for Braden. As silly as it might sound, that moment was really special to me and one I'll never forget. It felt like "back to school" shopping. Braden picked out his shoes. He chose Elmo over Cookie Monster, much to my surprise, and we had to make sure they were daddy-friendly. He walked up and down the aisle testing out his new kicks and assured us they didn't feel "yucky". They stayed on his feet, so we bought them and off we went.

In true Braden car-seat-napping fashion, he didn't fall asleep until we were about 10 minutes away from home. He's never transferred well from car seat to crib/bed and since it was cool enough, we just left him in the car seat, in the garage with a door open and the door to the house open so we could hear him when he woke up. About 45 minutes later I heard him cough, so off I went to get him. All he said was "Mommy, carry me." So I did. I carried him over to the couch where Daddy was resting, and Braden curled his torso around my belly and laid his head on my shoulder. Before too long, he fell asleep. And not long after that..I fell asleep too. Braden hasn't napped on me since he was about 3 months old...I'm not even joking. He's never been a snuggly or cuddly baby or toddler...so I cherished that little nap we had together on the couch. He's not been the kind of toddler, either, who if he does get up at 5AM will snuggle in bed with us until a decent hour...nope!

He's definitely been more sucky lately, and I'm loving it. I don't know if he senses his clock of only childness is running out the nearer we get to the end of this pregnancy, or what...but I'm not complaining!

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  1. So so sweet! Evie is so much like Braden; she's never been cuddly and I so look forward to every time she falls asleep on me and snuggles!

  2. I love this. There's something so special about those mother/son moments!

  3. That is so so sweet! I know what you mean about it never happening. Lennox has never been a cuddly kid, she is just starting to now, but its for 5 minutes then she pops back up and wants to do something. She can't sit still for long!


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