Friday, September 28, 2012

Pregnancy...She Ain't So Glamorous + 35 Weeks

Since the movie What To Expect When You're Expecting came out on DVD a couple of weeks ago, I've already watched it twice. The first time I watched it, I'm glad I watched it alone because there were a few scenes that rendered me bawling like a pregnant, hormonal mess...while other scenes had me laughing so hard I almost peed a pregnant, hormonal mess!

One of the scenes, which I desperately tried to find the full movie quote and/or video clip to no avail, that is the best ever was Elizabeth Banks' character Wendy's speech on pregnancy.
"I just wanted the glow. The one that they promise you on the cover of those magazines. Well, I'm calling it - pregnancy sucks. Making a human being is really hard. I have no control over my body or my emotions. Gar-bear, I'm sorry, all I want to do is punch you in the face..." -- Wendy
I really wish I could find the rest of the speech for you because [I apologize in advance to the men & my grandma who reads this!] there is a part about so much pressure "down there" that it feels like I got kicked in the vag - it's the only way I can describe it! I can attest. TMI? Probably, but it's pregnancy and it's true.

In all honesty, I love being pregnant. I really, really do. I had an amazing, fairly uneventful pregnancy with Braden, worked (not a lot), but worked until 10 days before my due date, felt truly great for the most part. This time? It's different. I haven't felt like I had "the glow" either. I think this is why, in the beginning, I was absolutely convinced that this is a girl. They say baby girls suck all the beauty out of their mothers...and that's exactly what I felt like. My skin was (and still does occasionally) breaking out, I feel like I puffed out in the face a bit faster, my hair was not thick and luscious, and I just felt BLAH.

The character Wendy in the movie battled to get pregnant for 2 years, so she wanted to enjoy the glow of pregnancy and cherish the precious miracle...but soon realizes that "pregnancy sucks". This time, I gotta side a bit more with her! My hips and pelvis are achy and feel so unstable and they have for weeks. I get the pressure, I've got some varicose veins, sciatic nerve pain rendering me near helpless - so glamorous! BUT, after a few attempts at asking my sweet husband if he would carry the baby for the last 5 weeks...he responded the other night with "thank you for carrying our baby." Best.line.ever!

But in the's oh so worth it and that's the part that I'm truly looking forward to!
Almost 35 weeks #ootd feeling small in the bump...and pointy!
So, in other news...I'm 35 weeks today! That really cool milestone of 35 weeks down and 35 days to go!

I had an appointment on Wednesday and....
  • FHR 140
  • BP 116/66
  • HR 68
  • Measuring 31 cm, so 4 cm small
  • Total weight gain 35 lbs
  • Baby head down still!
For the first time really ever in this pregnancy, before my chiropractor appointment I really started to get anxious about what my belly would measure. With Braden I measured small, always. 1-2 cm smaller. With this one I've been 2 to now 4 cm smaller. Why was I a bit anxious? Well baby has a 2 vessel cord and while my extra ultrasound at 23 weeks was of the "side effects" of a 2 vessel cord can be slow growth.

My logical brain knows.... There is nothing we can do to make baby grow more, no sense worrying, put it in His hands.
My mommy brain thinks... Why am I measuring so small? WHY!?

I'm honestly not worried that something is wrong with my baby. For some reason, if you can understand, it just bothers me. Also, a couple of months ago I truly came to a peaceful place about my pregnancy weight gain and decided not to focus on the scale and worry about every pound I gained or everything that went into my mouth. I have enjoyed some lots of chocolates and ice cream and have not felt guilty about it. And then I gained over 5lbs in between my last appointments...which were 16 days apart. Sigh. Here we go again? Worry and obsessing over the scale? NO. I refuse. Don't do it, Sarah...who cares?

So what if it feels like all the weight I'm gaining is going to my ass and not to my baby!? Haha, sorry to be harsh, but it's truly how I feel. People have been commenting lately on how "tiny" I am...I can only assume that they are talking about my bump, and that's fine..I think it is. I don't think I look 35 lbs heavier, but trust me...I feel it in my bum! That's where all my pregnancy weight goes, and that's okay. I hope that Squishy can suck it all off like Braden did and I'll be back in my skinny jeans in no time. (But who am I kidding, I will continue to live in my Momiform of yoga pants!)

Also here is my 35 week post from last time...I find it utterly ridiculous that it begins with a "Pregnant and Loving It" icon! HA!