Wednesday, October 3, 2012

30 Before 30 - 1/2 Way Update

So back in April, when I entered the last year of my 20's I did a post on 30 goals I wanted to reach before I turned 30. Seeing as how it was my 1/2 birthday yesterday...I figured I'd give you an update as to where I stand!

14/30 aren't too bad...and a lot of them are works in progress. Let me explain a little more:
  • I have used my Speedlite...but haven't really learned it yet - get on it!
  • I didn't end up doing the 1/2 triathlon at 21 weeks pregnant...what was I thinking? REALLY!? I've made it my new goal, instead, to do it next June when I'll be almost 8 months post-partum, that's a bit more realistic!
  • I am definitely meeting more than my quota of 1 new recipe a month! 
  • Money for a vacation...not a priority right now, but I will start setting even just a little bit aside
  • We will obviously have a baby soon!
  • We do go to church every Sunday when we're home, I can only think of one Sunday when it was just me and Braden that I didn't go on purpose...because it's really hard to go to church with him by myself with no Sunday school in the summer
  • I am not perfect, but I do make a point of at least tidying my kitchen every night. 
  • A massage every 4 weeks? What was I thinking! In an ideal world, and in my last pregnancy - I did! BUT I had time and lots of money! I've had them about every 6 weeks with this pregnancy and would like 1 or 2 after baby comes!
  • The dog probably isn't getting walked as much as she should....but I do make more of an effort than I normally do, but also being almost 36 weeks pregnant and being one constant Braxton-Hicks contraction when I walk...not very comfortable for me!
  • We donate to charities mostly around Christmas but I do donate to MS bike tour and other things throughout the the year
  • Jay is supposed to be planning our steak date night before baby comes - YUM!
  • If we're lucky we might be doing a day trip to Banff or Canmore next week with Braden!
  • I will be making/freezing meals in the next few weeks
  • I'm going fabric shopping for the chairs this Friday
  • I have to look presentable every day...or I feel awful, truly...though I know this might slip a bit when baby is born!j
Do you have a 30 before 30 or a 101 in 1001 list? I'd love to see it!